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Comment Re:Too late. (Score 2) 201

the mechanism by which bitcoin increases the difficulty of mining every time a number of new coins are found

There's a mechanism that scales the difficulty by how much compute-power is applied to the task of mining, but nothing pre-set to make each successive block more difficult to mine - it's just that most of the time the supply of computing power has been growing, so the difficulty kept going up to compensate - there have also been times where the difficulty declined.

The closest thing to a built-in difficulty increase is a periodic halving of the amount paid for each block, but that's only happened once so far (with the next one approaching some time later this year)

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1, Insightful) 458

You'd be surprised. A decade of ultra-thin client architectures mean most business systems are now accessed via the browser and don't need Windows.

If using Windows breaks regulatory compliance, loses business or causes business sensitive information to be leaked, Windows is history.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 433

Sorry, let me clarify.

During those 8 weeks or so it is a full time job. And honestly, some of the laws and especially the budget are so complex that it isn't something you just whip out the pen and start writing. Maybe full-time research staff, but honestly that is the job of legislators.

And I personally believe that they should spend as much time reviewing old laws for relevance, modification and possible repeal as they do making new ones.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 433

I don't know. This was the way things were set up back when it all started, a couple hundred years ago. The intent was that government was small enough to not be a full time job.

The problem is that belief has become a religion. We are no longer in the 1700s and the complexities of governing such a large and varied State have greatly evolved. It really isn't a part time job anymore, but not enough people are willing to admit that.

Comment Re:It's official, you all live in a Dictatorship (Score 1) 178

Sure, share a link.
A contact/feedback form wouldn't hurt - think about whether you want to engage with people that would use it, or whether it's just a way for them to share thoughts one-way.

But I'd suggest keeping it anonymous, from the domain registration up. As you did on Slashdot, it'd challenge the preconceptions about the 1% rather than be an ego thing.

Comment Re:It's official, you all live in a Dictatorship (Score 1) 178

I don't kick puppies, I even walk gingerly around them. After I steal the baby's candy, I give it back. I may take their pacifier and hide it for my own amusement but that's because I'm evil. I give that back too. I've never run over a nun. I've never burned down an orphanage. I've never even cheated on my taxes. I've never pushed an old lady out of the way - my home is up in Maine now and they're particularly stout. I don't cut people off in traffic. I'm not more important than you - I'm not better than you either. I've never once shut down a factory and sent everyone home without pay - nor do I pay anyone or reward anyone who does. I only get one vote and nobody has ever told me that my vote is more important than your vote and, if they did, you'd probably enjoy living in my country as I'm mostly sane. I've never torched a cat, a cow, or even stuck a firecracker in a frog's butt. I never bullied anyone. I'd say I'd never hurt anyone but that'd be a lie. I not only got my degree, I served my country to afford it. I do own a BMW (a couple, actually) but I've never run anyone off the road. I put my pants on one leg at a time - I don't even have a tailor or a butler. I do, technically, have a housekeeper and sometimes she lets me pretend to be the boss. I have a dog and he farts just like your dog. I use the same 'net and the same hardware you use. You probably are using a faster computer (at least video card) than I am. I have a cute girlfriend but she's not a supermodel and she wears jeans and a sweatshirt. She has a purse, it was under $100 from LL Bean and is more like a satchel. I think my credit cards have a limit but I don't know what they are - I don't use them. I don't want to eat your baby, even with salt. I've never once been mean to your mother and I'm sure she's a nice lady. I've never had knowing contact with aliens. I have no idea how to buy a law, or a senator. I don't shop at Walmart but I've been in one. You have a bigger television than I do. You probably have a better stereo than I do. I don't steal. I'm willing to do manual labor. I didn't sacrifice a chicken or even a goat to get to where I am - I just got lucky as all hell. I swear, I smoke cigars, and I don't think I've taken a shower yet today. I didn't burn down a church. I've never taken your retirement fund - none of the people I know personally have done that either. Most of the people I know and associate with are not wealthy, they're fairly average and middle class. I drive my own cars - and wouldn't have it any other way. I use the same software others use - nobody makes me special software unless I pay them or do it myself.

Do me a favour? Buy a new domain called (or something, haven't even checked that one) and just put up a single page with that text in a slightly more readable form. It'd be useful to link to people :)

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