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+ - Major Study Finds The United States Is An Oligarchy->

Submitted by Frosty Piss
Frosty Piss (770223) writes "A new study from Princeton and Northwestern universities has concluded that the U.S. government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country's citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful. According to Business Insider, the peer-reviewed study, researchers concluded that U.S. government policies rarely align with the preferences of the majority of Americans, but do favour special interests and lobbying organizations. The theory of 'biased pluralism' that the Princeton and Northwestern researchers believe the U.S. system fits holds that policy outcomes 'tend to tilt towards the wishes of corporations and business and professional associations.'"
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Comment: The Luddite Answer (Score 3, Insightful) 168

by Frosty Piss (#46800747) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

Dear Slashdot, I'm afraid that years from now, my nuggets of wisdom will be lost, and I will not be able to find the appropriate pithy thought to properly respond to a Slashdot Troll... What ever shal I do?

Dear "Netdicted", first of all, your screen name for some reason reminded me of getting my cat neutered. Second, unplug. There is more to life than a 24/7 high speed connection. Third, consider your follow-on. Your children and grand children will not be able to read your e-diary, and writing things on paper long-hand will help you stave off Alzimers. In other words, keep writing in your Moll Skin, it's really the hippest and most practical way to go, and will leave something for your kids and grand kids to enjoy long after you are gon. Seriously.

Snark aside, work out a system of indexes - electronically in necessary, but please continue using that old "buggy whip", a pen and paper.

Excuse me now, I have to mow my lawn.

Comment: Random thoughts... (Score 0, Flamebait) 192

by Frosty Piss (#46800039) Attached to: Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

I think more than a few of the "big" car companies have shifted focus (back?) to hydrogen fuel cells. In the near future at least, the whole recharging "issue" is what bothers the big guys.

Very few Tesla owners are going to drive their $70 - 100,000 car across the country, take it to the Grand Tetons, do a tour or great Civil War historical sites in the South.

But people that buy cars from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota... They use their cars for things other than tooling around town from wine bar to chic noshing establishment.

Sure, Tesla now has a cross-country "Super Charge" network, but Americans are impatient, and 30 minutes is too long. The liklyhood of breaking the boundaries that prevent faster charging in the near future are slim.

"Back in the day" when a "road trip" was an adventure, people would have had no problem with a 30 minute super charge, they would have plugged in and had a picnic lunch. Think "Airstream Culture". Those were the days when travel was exciting, now people just want to get the fuck where the are going and plug in to the nearest Wi-Fi.

So maybe the Big Guys have a point with hydrogen power cells that in reality are no more dangerous than 20 gallons of vaporized gas hitting a flame - if you're in an accident that punctures the tank and causes an explosion, your gone either way.

Random thoughts...

Comment: Re:Isn't parody protected in the US? (Score 2) 169

by Frosty Piss (#46792475) Attached to: Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist

Guess the good Mayor has never heard of the Streisand Effect.

Uh, yeah. And how is that relevant here? Doesn't seem like he's actually taking much heat, except here at Slashdot and a single Left leaning web site. Maybe a little heat in his home town paper. But seriously, "Streisand Effect"?

People like to pontificate "Streisand Effect", but in most of the cases where it is used, it has not actually occurred.

"Streisand Effect" is a *WAY WAY* over used Intertube meme.

Comment: Re:Spare Change (Score 3, Insightful) 320

100 percent. Been there, done that.

There are four basic types of "homeless" -

1. The mentally ill.
2. Drug users and alcoholics that don't want to "get off the street" enough to do something about their habits.
3. Homeless people who lived too close to the edge and became unemployed, drug addicts and alcoholics who want to change their lives.

And here is Seattle - "Nicklesville" ...

4. People who feel that society should support their homeless lifestyle.

There are in fact many services for all of these groups except Number Four. The rest, if they work hard, give up the heavy booze and drugs (there are in fact programs), they can lift themselves out of homelessness.

And don't fool yourself, Number Four exists in great numbers, dragging the "real" homeless down to their level.

Comment: Re:How much titanium (Score 1) 152

by Frosty Piss (#46716299) Attached to: Under the Chassis: A Look At Tesla's Battery Shield

is there in one of these plates? Are they detachable by thieves to be sold for the metal value?

Given the location and structural requirements, I'm going to say this is not a readily detachable part...

Don't underestimate the persistence of a meth-head: Catalytic converters are removed with battery driven grinders and saws-alls all the time.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 477

by Frosty Piss (#46715267) Attached to: New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

France fails at having an Internationally competitive workforce.

Sure, if you are a fan of the coporate greed that is "free trade". On the other hand, if your primary goal is the health of your society, your nation, your people and their quality of life, an "internationally competitive workforce" may not be the top concern on your list.

+ - Snowden's purloined documents are now available online->

Submitted by Frosty Piss
Frosty Piss (770223) writes "The ACLU and others have long suspected that the National Security Agency has gone far beyond its mandate of gathering information for counter-terrorism and foreign intelligence purposes. Many Those suspicions were confirmed when, on June 5, 2013, The Guardian released the first in a series of documents provided by Edward Snowden detailing the NSA's unlawful spying activities. All of the documents released since that day, both by the media and the government, are housed in a database maintained by the ACLU and accessible by the public on-line."
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