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Cnet's didn't start off that way. "Back in the day" it could be a great "go-to" for software downloads. But they have or are cutting their own throats, it's hard to imagine anyone downloading anything from these clowns today. Let alone actually read any of the "articles" they publish, I mean seriously, who reads that shit?

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

There is a difference between your work phone / email / address and your home phone / email / address. These script kiddies released work phone / email / address, which *IS* public information. The document you quote is talking about personal phone / email / address, and indeed also says "may", not "is".

Comment Re:From the QC Dept (Score 1) 133

More high quality products developed by private industry for the US Govt...

You are taking these script kiddies at their word that this is what they have done to systems that are as they claim. Yet this is extremely unlikely.

Names, work email and phone numbers of government employees are not considered "personal information", and are generally available through published directories, and certainly FOIA requests (so says me, a former Records Custodian for the Air Force), and much of the other "data" is hardly "secret". As well, many are saying that all these idiots accessed were honeypots.

Please take note that these script kiddies believe in the Chemtrail Conspiracy, which more or less immediately invalidates everything they say.

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