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Comment: 2010: Obama Gives Nasa $2.4Bn to Study AGW (Score -1, Flamebait) 256

by Rotten168 (#36834954) Attached to: Atlantis Lands, Ending the Shuttle Era Why are liberals so anti-science? They don't like GMO food, despite no scientific evidence it's harmful, they don't like nuclear power, don't like research on racial genetics and intelligence etc etc. And now they cancelled the space shuttle to give more handouts to fraudulent climate scientists.
User Journal

Journal: The Middle Eastern Islamic Moderate: A Mythical Animal? 30

Journal by Marxist Hacker 42
Ok, you can call this JE the definate admission to something you've all suspected about me for some time. I've lost ALL faith in the possibility of resolving peace within the next 15 generations of mankind. I think our current administration (By firing generals and intelligence sources that didn't toe to their lies) have corrupted the middle management of the armed forces to the point that they don't know how to win a war against Islamic Extremeists. They were counting on big support from the

+ - Outsourced call centre jobs returning to UK

Submitted by fiannaFailMan
fiannaFailMan (702447) writes "The BBC is reporting that more UK companies are reversing the call-centre outsourcing trend.

"Hello, it's my car." ''Your cat, sir?." "No, my hatchback." "Your bad back, sir?" "No my car, it's a hatchback." "Your cat has a bad back, sir?" "Arghhhhhh!" ...Just 4% of people have had a good experience when dealing with a call centre, according to a recent survey by YouGov. Over half of those asked said their biggest gripe was having to contact call centres outside the UK and more than a third admitted to shouting and swearing at agents because they got so frustrated.

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