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+ - Open Source Tax Software

Submitted by RobBebop
RobBebop (947356) writes "Tax Day is a month and a half away, so it is time to think about how to file. A search for Open Source options has revealed Tax Code Software (which hasn't been updated since 2006) and OpenTaxSolver (whose interface proved troublesome within the first 5 minutes of use). Is there any effort to produce an Open Source tax product for 2008, before I go out and pick up a retail version of TurboTax? This has also been asked in 2005 and 2007."

+ - Open Architecture Network for the good of Humanity

Submitted by RobBebop
RobBebop (947356) writes "The organization Architecture for Humanity has just launched the beta version of their Open Architecture Network website. The goal of the Open Architecture Network is to be the SourceForge of the art of Building Sciences by allowing blueprints, engineering specs, and construction tips to be shared in a community. An article from Wired includes more detail, "The site is built so people can upload info, comment on and, in some cases, download building or project specs". There is also an interview with the co-creators Cameron Sinclair & Kate Stohr at the end of the article."

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