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Comment: Re:They already have (Score 1) 661

by Bruce Perens (#48897151) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax

There is no reason that we have to pick one and abandon work on the others. I don't see that the same resources go into solving more than one, except that the meteor and volcano problem have one solution in common - be on another planet when it happens.

The clathrate problem and nuclear war have the potential to end the human race while it is still on one planet, so we need to solve both of them ASAP.

Comment: You already found the Evoluent mouse. (Score 1) 307

by dotancohen (#48896977) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

I am an extremely happy Evoluent customer. The mouse is absolutely terrific, very comfortable and actually _more_ intuitive than a flat mouse once you get used to it. With the exception of my graphics designer, every single person in the office fell in love with my vertical mouse when I let them try it for a few days.

However, nobody is willing to pay $100 for the mouse, just like they are not willing to pay $70 for a mechanical keyboard. I think that people see cheap mice and keyboards for $10, so they feel cheated when they spend much more than that on peripheral equipment. The truth is that I'm a sucker as well. Even though I have an Evoluent at work I still use a flat mouse at home as the price of a second Evoluent is hard to justify to myself when I hardly use the mouse at all (Vimperator, Linux).

Damn the price, trust me, you want that mouse though. The discrete middle-mouse button is only the icing on the cake. Almost _everything_ on that mouse is absolutely terrific.

Comment: Re:OpenSSL and the Internet (Score 0) 63

by Opportunist (#48896151) Attached to: OpenSSL 1.0.2 Released

It's an affront to common sense to put security as an afterthought on top of another protocol instead of making it an intrinsic part of the protocol. But that's what you get when you use ancient technology (and yes, TCP is ancient by computer standards) and simply refuse to accept that it is necessary to invest into it.

But security does not sell. Only now people finally start to slowly catch on and realize that there might be a reason for security. They still don't know jack about it. They only know they "kinda wanna be protected". And that's what HTTPS and OpenSSL offers. It looks secure, Joe Randomsurfer doesn't understand jack and the whole security community will certainly not stand up and admit that it's all ... well, we can't really say it's insecure but ... well, I wouldn't bet my job on it either.

The problem with the whole shit is that it is very, very hard to prove without a doubt that something is insecure when it's not blatantly so. And OpenSSL is not blatantly insecure. It doesn't have the gaping "dude, that's fucked up" holes. When you look through the past year, from heartbleet to POODLE, you'll notice that ... ok, heartbleet was a blunder and a half, but POODLE is by no means something you will instantly understand without quite a bit of understanding of the whole security process behind it and even then it may take a while to wrap your head around it.

We're heading into the area of chances and probabilities. And I do predict that we'll see a lot more of this, attacks where it's not clean cut and "easy" to end up with a way to break security, but we will find that systems we thought to need 10^DAMN_LOT tries to brute force only need 10^VERY_LITTLE, because of flaws in the implementation or even the algorithm itself, where it becomes known that most of the "possible" keys were in fact impossible.

That's what I'd expect from the next few years. And I kinda fear that we will find out more than we'd want to know.

Comment: Re:What's the difference between China and EU? (Score 2) 184

by circletimessquare (#48894765) Attached to: China Cuts Off Some VPNs

so you're ok with child porn and death threats?

can i take photos of you having sex with your significant other and put it on a billboard in your hometown? it's just free speech dude

everything has limits. including free speech. not because i say so, but because of simple logic and reason: it ends where it impinges on the freedoms of others. classic example: yelling fire in a crowded theatre

the fact that i recognize that freedoms are not boundless, but logically constrained by other people's freedoms, does not make me an authoritarian, it just makes me smarter than you

Comment: Re:The "what?!" is reaction time (Score 1) 255

by mrchaotica (#48894601) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes

It also means that, instead of just being charged with "distracted driving," the perp can be charged with "texting while driving" and "driving erratically" and "distracted driving," which adds up to triple penalty (including jail time!) unless he gives up his right to trial and allows himself to be railroaded into a "plea deal."

We can defeat gravity. The problem is the paperwork involved.