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Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 146

by circletimessquare (#49499089) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

are you against music because people can copyright songs?

that's exactly as stupid as what you just wrote

there is science

then there are corporations

you do understand those are different topics, right?

because the ignorance you just wrote suggests otherwise

Comment: Re:Did they mention the yummy GMOs (Score 1) 146

viruses infect your cells, pick up stray genes, propagate, and spread that gene to other creatures

simple bacteria frequently exchange genes

you have this notion that transfer of genes between species is some weird thing humans just invented

when the truth is gene transfer amongst species is normal and common

it has been going on since day one of life existing

again, you have this bizarre irrational fear that has no meaning except to illiterate people

Comment: Re:Did they mention the yummy GMOs (Score 1, Insightful) 146

then we need to label every single thing we eat as genetically modified

you think our corn or carrots are natural?

they are freak artificial mutations that would never survive in the natural world

because we do in the lab intelligently what we have been doing informally for thousands of years is threatening to you is simply a sign of your ignorance and science illiteracy. you have nothing but uneducated, irrational fear

Comment: Re:I guess he crossed the wrong people (Score 2, Insightful) 146

"I just don't want to eat a food that manufactures its own pesticide"

then you don't want to eat any plant that has ever grown

plants have been in an evolutionary arms race with the creatures that eat them for billions of years, producing a plethora of toxic compounds to kill and maim that which eats them

and the evolution of animal's livers have been doing their best to keep up

in fact many flavor compounds and drugs from plants were originally evoled to kill us, or are meant to kill another species

your irrational fear is nothing but illiteracy and ignorance

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 146

not sure if you're a troll with that language

but there is no such thing as a balanced point of view when considering the ignorant illiterate beliefs of crackpots in equal balance with mainstream well established science

we know for example the earth is round. we don't need to "fairly" consider that the earth might be flat, just because some crackpot moron thinks so. we can safely exclude the low iq douchebags on the fringe. that's not being unbalanced or having a closed mind or refusing to consider alternate theories

that's just saying fact and reality trump delusion and insanity

it's not "heresy" to doubt vaccines. it's prideful ignorance of well-established fact

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 2, Insightful) 146

well arctic ice is shrinking, and new england weather is getting more violent, just as climate change predicts

additionally, we have been genetically engineering crops for thousands of years. the corn and carrots you eat are freakish artificial monstrosity's that would never survive in the wild

heck look at what we did to the wolf: all those weird mutant dog shapes, sizes, and coats

do you stand agains tthat?

or do you just stand against genetic engineering as we currently practice because you have an ignorant fear of what you don't understand?

i have no problem with opposing monsanto, the corporation with dubious goals that should be opposed

i have a very huge problem with opposing science like genetic engineering, or confusing a corporation with science, because you are a science illiterate

this is what you represent:

there is no such thing as considering the fringe ignorant deranged beliefs of fringe crackpots in equal balance with mainstream science with huge consensus

for anyone that that appeals to, is just revealing how uneducated and dumb they are

Comment: Re:Did they mention the yummy GMOs (Score 4, Interesting) 146

can you legitimize that accusation please?

i oppose dr. oz's dangerous quackery and i'm not getting any monsanto money. i am inclined to think these doctors are equally principled

but if you flesh out your accusation with actual proof, i would be inclined to change my view

and i'm talking about actual money going to these actual doctors at the *Columbia University Medical Center*. not some unrelated researcher getting funds in a distant unrelated department in another school ten years ago. i am absolutely certain a huge university like columbia and a huge corporation like monsanto have some sort of overlapping financial investment/ contribution

there's also plenty of criticism of monsanto from columbia faculty. it's not a monolithic ideology, it's a university

so you need to give valid proof, not a lame smear. you have to do better than "evil corporation... rich doctors... all connected... HURRR DURRR." this is not alex jones where every low iq paranoid conspiracy theory is automatically gospel truth

finally, if you have such a dim view of financial investment coloring people's opinions, why do you not consider dr. oz's financial stakes in the crackpot "cures" he pushes as a serious ethical problem? your accusation of financial impropriety trumping morality has much more meaning when leveled at dr oz

but these guys have an agenda that's as clear as day

no. fucking bullshit. dr oz is the one with an agenda as clear as day. you have to prove your accusations against these doctors or you're just a low life smearmonger

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