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Comment Not a substitute (Score 1) 19

It's not a substitute, it's a complement.

A truck goes exactly where you need it to go, not some hub somewhere where you have to send it out by truck for 100 more miles anyway... You simply cannot do that with trains.

Even though freight trains will still be around because of massive hauling capacity, you would STILL need a robust trucking infrastructure just to handle the "last few hundred miles" needs.

Comment Why is any of that a problem? They are apps. (Score 1) 254

Seems like a risky game to play, given that their services heavily depend on ad funded sources for data.

Pretty much nothing you mentioned would be accessed by general users much on the web; mostly through apps where the advertising (if any) is not blocked.

Submission What's the best country for secure online hosting?

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently discovered that my hosting company is sending all login credentials unencrypted, prompting me to change providers. Additionally, I'm finally being forced to put some of my personal media library (songs, photos, etc.) on-line for ready access (though for my personal consumption only) from multiple devices and locations... But I simply can't bring myself to trust any cloud-service provider.

So while it's been partially asked before
(http://ask.slashdot.org/story/11/04/10/1554241/ask-slashdot-what-country-has-the-best-email-privacy-laws), it hasn't yet been answered:

Which country has the best on-line personal privacy laws that would made it patently illegal for any actor, state, or otherwise, to access my information? And does anyone have a recommendation on which provider(s) are the best hosts for (legal) on-line storage there?

Comment Even if it isn't some blend (Score 4, Insightful) 500

Most fruit juices have a lot of sugar. Fruit contains a lot of fructose, water, and fiber. So squeeze out the water that contains the fructose, the fiber gets left behind, and you have something that is by volume and weight a tons of sugar.

Apple juice is a good example. If you go and have a look at the Simply Apple stuff at a grocer you can see easily. It really is 100% pure apple juice. They don't add any sweetener or anything else, they just squeeze the juice out of apple and bottle that shit up... and it is as high calorie as soda. 180 calories per 12 oz (355ml). For comparison Pepsi is 150 and Mountain Dew is 170.

I love apple juice, it tastes fantastic, but you can't fool yourself in to thinking that because it is juice it is magically good.

Comment Re:Wonder which is against this (Score 1) 222

There I can see Apple not wanting to write it.

But Amazon has already shown it's perfectly happy to be on other devices - the PS4, Roku, etc. So it seems like they would also want to be on Apple TV.

If Apple didn't want something like Prime Video on AppleTV, then why DO they have things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO on the Apple TV? I just can't see the reason why either side would be against the other in terms of Amazon Prime.

Comment weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 3, Insightful) 300

Aside from the incomprehensibility of "...it turns out Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late leader.." anyone else find it curious that we suddenly see a deal between HP and Apple (that allowed a downward-trending computer mfg company to tie itself to the "big up and comer") spun as "Jobs OUTFOXED Fiorina"?

Comment Re:More like "lack of clue" instead? (Score 0) 203

Or, more simply, the EPA is lying in order to get more $.

"If we'd only had more funding, we'd have caught it"
As you point out, it was pretty clearly something "new" and I'll bet $1000 that there were MANY people from other competing car manufacturers saying "none of us can do that, you need to check it" but they willfully didn't.

It's a pretty obvious move on their part.

Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1) 278

If a pedestrian weighed 3000 pounds, had four rubber tires for traction, and walked at 20 MPH, then he'd have about as long a stopping distance as a car.

What if the car were moving at the same speed as a pedestrian? Which would have the longer stopping distance, the car or the pedestrian?

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