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Comment Re:175W (Score 2) 59

And as a related issue, who is making a true SFF power supply big enough to handle that card plus a gaming-class CPU? A lot of "ITX" rigs are built using configured mini-towers (e.g. the Bitfenix Prodigy), but if I wanted to throw one of those in a vanilla case like an Apex MI-08 or Antec ISK-150, their PSUs would die approximately 10 seconds after I fired up Crysis or whatever it is that kids are playing these days.

Comment Re:title because I need a title (Score 1) 620

I have a clone of the system drive and database system from when I replaced the drives. It's one of those deals where the people who own the damned thing fear change. I have daily snapshots from the DB so I'm probably just fine migrating it, but the customer doesn't want anything about that machine (it's an IBM pedestal server from ~1993. A 75MHz Pentium I think) to change.

I did swap out the SCSI card and drives in 2009 and again in 2013 and at this point I'm just just waiting for something to properly break so I can have that machine bronzed or something.

Comment title because I need a title (Score 1) 620

One of my customers still has a Netware 3.12 machine. I'm the third person to be responsible for it. The last two guys are both retired now. I got the gig based on being the youngest person the company could find who actually knows Netware. It runs their ordering/job cost/inventory systems and whatever files or reports it makes can actually be used by their relatively modern accounting software.

Another guy I do work for has a System/38 machine in his office. I have no earthly idea what he does with it since he's a primarily a studio photographer, but I have seen him accessing it through a terminal session. My best guess is that it has something to do with his home-made film printing system. He was an engineer for a while and his place is full of cool stuff.

I've also been in law offices where secretaries were still using Windows 3.1 as recently as 2013, but in that case I'm pretty sure it was just the lawyers in question being just THAT cheap.

Comment Re:I quit trying to organize my songs long time ag (Score 1) 360

For certain music genres, third party tags will be flatly incorrect even from an authoritative source. Classical music and Jazz need to use more tags than are typically supplied by download and streaming services and what tags are used are often applied incorrectly. Streaming and online stores ironically make more work for me than just ripping a goddamned CD and typing everything in myself.

Comment Re:I gave up on some Google Apps (Score 4, Insightful) 62

Google's on screen keyboard properly displays the case of characters based on the state of the shift key. Apple's keyboard is kind of an unpolished insult to the concept of literacy. There's plenty of stuff I don't like about Google's applications but none of it is as unforgivable as that.

Comment Re:Why use ISP email? (Score 1) 269

Gmail as a mobile app is something I actually find quite problematic, since it has a lot of really terrible defaults. Users can't turn off threaded messaging and have to take positive action to reply inline, for example. I'd far rather use K9 or Kaiten mail on Android, if only because I don't have to put up with Google's backward default settings.

Comment Re:Not that excited about Fallout (Score 1) 113

I loved the first two Fallout games to death and I even enjoyed Tactics but man oh man do I hate most of Fallout 3, especially the DC ruins and metro stations. The whole thing needs about three times more textures and models than it has. I believe it can be improved with mods, but the game is sufficiently crashy and old that I'd rather just go back and play the games I know are good the way they are.

Comment Re:What is MediaGoblin? (Score 5, Insightful) 32

It's a hosting framework for media., so if you want to throw some videos or photos online and for some reason you don't like Youtube/Flickr/Tumblr/Zombo AND you have the disk space, CPU cycles and bandwidth, you can put up a MediaGoblin site and manage everything yourself.

It's a thing that should probably exist, but it's hard for me to get excited about it, either.

I more or less posted this exact same comment the last time we had a thread about Mediagoblin.

Comment Re: Pass because the price point is too high (Score 1) 80

I don't really understand why Apple wants to sell iMacs. They're a huge PITA to service, cost a fortune to ship and aren't particularly more capable than Mac Minis.If there were an Apple product line with a definite justification to end, it would be that one.

Comment Re: Pass because the price point is too high (Score 1) 80

You can get an entry-level Mac Mini, sure. It'll be physically larger and it'll be slower. You can also get slower Broadwell NUCs if you're actually price-sensitive enough to make that comparison. Figure that you'll pay $100 for 16GB RAM and $120 for an m.2 SSD + $25 for an Intel or Broadcom wireless card if you think you need one + whatever the barebones box costs ($300 for the Broadwell i3 up to $535 for the Broadwell i7). Apple's pricing on the Haswell Mac Minis is $500, $700, $1000 for an at-best 2.8GHz i5 with 8GB RAM or for a slug-like 1.4GHz ULV i5 with 4GB RAM and a magnetic drive on the low end.
To me it looks like the late 2014 Mac Minis lose out all the way around unless you're THAT hung up on getting OSX preinstalled or think Apple support is magic.

Comment Re:Pass because the price point is too high (Score 1) 80

Any mITX rig with stock Intel cooling, a PicoPSU and an mSATA/m.2 SSD actually has plenty of room for airflow since the bulky metal boxes of hard disk and power supply are out of the way. I also find the Antec NSK150, which has a front-mounted PSU, to work well enough for mainstream desktops.

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