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Comment: Re:It's the non-engineers. (Score 1) 71 71

by Registered Coward v2 (#50018107) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

All in all, I don't think a real engineer will see management as a step up, except in terms of pay, but many engineers can become good leaders in the real sense.

Thus encapsulating much of the hubris and disdain in the comments. Managing, like engineering, is about figuring out how a system works and solving problems to het it to work like you wanted. Except, instead of dealing with things you are dealing with people; in a system that is infinitely more complex and challenging. That is a real engineering problem that not all engineers can solve. Programmers are even worse than engineers because people don't follow a prescribes set of rules like a program does.

Comment: Re:Look the part (Score 1) 71 71

by Registered Coward v2 (#50018047) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

Yeah - sorry dice - dressing pretty to become a boss just shows how stupid people who want to be bosses are.

And that's why competent people hate them.

Clothing does not reflect ability. I'm quite sure I can code far better naked than someone who thinks spend two or three grand on an Armani overhaul can.

You are correct that clothes do not reflect ability; but then in a not so subtle ironic statement you claim that because someone dresses nicely that you are more competent than them.

Dice's advice is spot on. Appearances do count as you move up; coding ability, OTOH, becomes less valuable. I don't pay managers to code, that's why we hired programmers; I need them to actually manage the project and make it successful. If they are busying coding either we have made the wrong person manager or we need to fire the programmers and hire ones who can code.

Comment: Some interesting comments that reflect the bias (Score 1) 71 71

by Registered Coward v2 (#50017987) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

of programmers. They reflect a belief that managers know nothing but arrogantly act like they do and that they are the more important than the programmers; while the programmers know they actually do know everything and are truly the most important people in the company.

The reality, of course, lies somewhere in-between. There are bad managers just as there are programmers who never seem togged the message their job is to ship code that works, not spend a lifetime creating their one great masterpiece. Assuming everyone falls into one of those two camps is a recipe for failure; the reality is you are in it together.

One piece of advice I'd give aspiring managers is to make friends with sales. They can help you understand what the company needs to make to be successful as well as broaden your perspective beyond doing a product. You can help them understand what the product can and can't do and that helps them make sales. Managing is as much about building a network so you can anticipate needs and deliver results as it is about shepherding a project to completion.

Also, make sure your team understands the direction and end game for what they are developing. They are in the trenches and can see problems and solutions and offer advice to make the project successful. Recognize their contributions and ensure they get credit when deserved.

Comment: Re:You think Greeks want MORE electronic money? (Score 1) 318 318

by Registered Coward v2 (#50013051) Attached to: Greek Financial Crisis Is an Opportunity For Bitcoin

Because the value of gold and silver is somehow less arbitrary than electronic bank balances.

Depends on who's running the bank, doesn't it? The value of gold and silver fluctuate with supply and demand worldwide. They have industrial and decorative uses and a widespread base of people willing to own them. In the absence of large-scale deep-space asteroid mining technology flooding the market with excess supplies, they're going to remain fairly valuable.

Or a cheap way to extract gold from seawater; remember aluminum was once considered a precious metal on par with gold. It's not really scarcity of the resource but the scarcity of the available supply.

Comment: Re: You think Greeks want MORE electronic money? (Score 1) 318 318

by Registered Coward v2 (#50013025) Attached to: Greek Financial Crisis Is an Opportunity For Bitcoin

That's incorrect. Gold fluctuates pretty wildly with mass hysteria, compete with massive deflation and inflation. Much like bitcoin. Prior to the 20th century, when communication wasn't quite so instant and pervasive, gold did a pretty good job because it was rare for *everyone* to panic more or be more confident all at once.

Which is why Bitcoin is more of a speculative hedge, like gold, than a currency. For Greece situation, the hedge makes sense because you are worried about local impact, rather than a world wide event. However, I question demand going up to the levels in the article. At some point, individuals will look for alternatives such as gold if the price gets too high; and those who bought cheap ought to dump theirs and take the profits before the inevitable drop; especially since moving BitCoins out of Greece is easier than moving Euros. They can get Euros or Dollars, since the bigger danger for them is not a collapse of the Euro but the Greek government deciding to convert Euros in Banks back to Drachmas and exit the Euro zone. Having Euros or Dollars outside of Greece is what they want, not a speculative hedge and if Bitcoin let them do that they'll buy it; but sell it as well lessing the chance of a big runup.

Comment: Re:boss hog found a way to take of duke brothers (Score 1) 812 812

Nah. They'll just rename it General Grant and put a US Flag on top. They'll have to change the horn, too. They'll make it toot out Yankee Doodle instead of Dixie.

Nah, make it General Sherman. The way it rips through the south makes that a more appropriate name...

Comment: Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 812 812

Some people say the flag means that, some people say it means states rights, who knows. But do people actually believe someone who flies the flag is saying bring back slavery or a succession from the Union? Maybe they just want to stand for a weaker Federal government, something many people support today.

The states rights issue is really not a valid one as regards to the reasons behind the Civil War. The southern states were all in favor of forcing northern states to obey the Fugitive Salve Laws and for the federal government to use its power to enforce them over objections of the states; what they didn't like was the specter of the Federal government enforcing laws they didn't like in their own states. So the next time someone brings up states rights as the argument for succession you can point out the hypocrisy in their argument. I realize you are not making that argument and not saying you are being hypocritical, rather pointing out the fallacy of that argument.

Comment: Re:Trabant was light too (Score 1) 131 131

by Registered Coward v2 (#49984413) Attached to: 3D Printed Supercar Chassis Unveiled

I smelled something else coming form these guys. FTFA

"The vehicle, called the Blade, has 1/3 the emissions of an electric car and 1/50 the factory capital costs of other manufactured cars."

Smells like bullshit to me...

While the factory cost claim may be true since you are not investing in a lot of very large, specialized machinery but adapting and scaling a technology, that has been proven capable of being used to manufacture vehicle parts that are eagle to congenitally made parts, that is much less capital intensive. The amazons, claim, how ever is odd, since an electric vehicle has zero emissions relative to a gasoline or diesel engine; perhaps they are looking at the life cycle emissions and adding in emissions from production and distribution?

I could see this technology initially taking off as a kit car product where you build your running gear from this and then add the body of your choice to it.

You could also easily manufacture custom mounts and other bits specific to a spec

Comment: of course it will be a default (Score 1) 327 327

since that insures greater penetration. Th next step is for other software companies that cut deals with search engines to then push an update of their product with their provider as the default choice. I could see some releasing an update that does little more than update the search engine default.

Comment: The beauty of this is (Score 2) 292 292

the lower the response rate the more you can skew the results with bogus answers. Rather than hang up embrace the opportunity to shape the future positions of our government by creatively staking out you position. Don't think of it as a nuisance to be avoid but rather a chance to screw with politicians.

Comment: Re:Bill Hadley is going to be disappointed (Score 1) 233 233

Accusing someone of molesting children is political speech now? Sure...

Isn't it right that people are careful what they say about other people?

I am a firm believer in free speech. The cure for bad speech (as the accusation apparently was) is not less bad speech but more good speech. If I were accused, anonymously, of pedophilia, I would not try to use the courts to find my accuser. Instead I would ignore the accusation unless it was repeated by an identifiable person, such as a reporter asking if it were true. I would answer the reporter by saying it was not, and offering to cooperate with the reporter's investigation into whether or not I was a podophile if he felt the accusation was credible enough to be worth the effort.

Free speech does not imply freedom from the consequences of your speech. If you make untrue accusations about someone you can be held accountable for your actions. The government is not stopping you from speaking, which would infringe your free speech rights. if you do it anonymously then it is not ureasonable for someone to want to pierce the veil of anonymity.

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