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Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 1) 153

The problem is that any "crawler"/"lift" would be limited to maybe 300km/h speeds optimistically, and as result take a month to reach GEO.

Let's see...a month at 300km/hr takes you 216000 km. Do you really think GEO is almost as far away as the moon? Or are you just arithmetically challenged?

Hint: at 300 km/hr, GEO is about five days away....

Comment Re:If you're American (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Does the phrase "Great Depression" mean anything to you? That one took WW2 to work its way out of the economy.

Interestingly, WW2 brought us the GI Bill and the notion that pretty much anyone could go to college. Before that, it was the upper class and the very best of the commoners.

As to "food prices are way up", there are about as many indications that "real" (adjusted for inflation) food prices are down as up. Just depends on what you're buying...

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 262

Yes, Malthus will pretty much always be wrong.

Prosperity causes fewer children. Fewer children lower population growth rates.

To the point where in the most prosperous parts of the planet (US, the EU, China (for different reasons, but the prosperity part is coming along there)), population growth rates are negative absent immigration.

If the entire world were raised to EU standards of living, population would decline to rather lower than current populations, and stay there forever....

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