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Comment Re:Yeah, I thought this problem was solved (Score 3, Informative) 99

but they don't consider the political and social aspects of our species that means vital funding of safety mechanisms and maintenance of absolutely crucial technology *will* be broken. it's simply a matter of when, not if

Or perhaps we understand that quite well. And decide that it's not that big a problem.

Civilian nuclear power deaths in the USA, to date: zero.

Military nuclear power deaths in the USA, to date: four? Basically the people in the room with the test reactor (that fit in a bathtub) when someone pulled the control rod (yes, there was only one) out by hand.

Hmm, 70 years of nuclear power in the USA, with so few casualties. I could wish the highways were that safe. Or Airline travel. Or trains. Or COAL MINING. Or Oil drilling. Or even hydropower dams.

Hell, more people have died just this year installing solar cells than have died in nuclear power accidents in the USA in all of history.....

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 373

It's the fact that rather than bombing Daesh, they're bombing groups opposed to Daesh

As opposed to the USA, which is fighting ISIS (one of Assad's enemies) as well as Assad (one of ISIS' enemies). So we're on BOTH sides of a civil war in Syria.

Note, by the by, that helping Assad against ISIS allows Assad to use more of his own troops against, say, the Kurds, who are our nominal allies in the region.

So, we're helping Assad fight some of his enemies, while helping some of his enemies fight Assad....

Comment Re:Sandy Hook (Score 1) 1139

Hmm, a quick check...

If I didn't miscount, since 1990, there have been 288 deaths in "school shootings" (note that that number includes at least one case of an adult shot by another adult in a school parking lot).

With 330 million or so people, and 35 years, that puts the annual per capita death rate from "school shootings" at 0.000000016.

Terrorist attacks in the same 25 year period. Hmm, let's use 9/11 and call it good. 2753 from the direct attack. So, 0.00000033.

Yep, looks like you're right.

Even with a very strict definition of "terrorist acts" (essentially reducing it to "there's been ONE terrorist act"), and a loose enough definition of "school shooting" to include adults unrelated to the school in any way shooting each other in the parking lot, we have about ten times as many terrorist deaths as school shooting deaths in a generation.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1139

The US also had amendment 18. The constitution is not immutable.

Quite so. Feel free to propose an Amendment eliminating the Second.

And if it doesn't pass (and it won't, since the requirements are high enough that the States with no gun problems are more than sufficient to make the proposal ignorable), then shut up about it already!

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1139

The military has undoubtedly determined that arming everyone would cause more gun deaths than not arming them.

No, the military has determined that the investigation into a missing rifle/pistol/tank/howitzer (not to mention the paperwork required to deal with a missing rifle/pistol/howitzer) is FAR, FAR more trouble than just keeping the (government property) firearms in the arms room.

Note, by the by, that I grew up on military bases. Yes, my family kept firearms in base housing. No, the military had no real issues with that (yes, there was paperwork associated with them, but not terribly onerous). Hell, there were even ranges dedicated to personal firearms (skeet, 50ft rifle/pistol, long range rifle/pistol)....

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1139

the second amendment references a *well-regulated* militia. in today's language, that means well trained

If you live in the USA, are 18+ (and male, though that latter requirement is probably void due to more recent law), you are a member of the Militia. As are your children, siblings, etc.

So, why don't you own an M4 variant, which would technically be required for a proper militia weapon (though I'm personally fond of a .30-06 bolt action - much better range)? Plus a Unit of Ammo (God knows what that is these days, but I'd guess 300-400 rounds of 5.56), of course.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 150

Nature designed sex for procreation and without a male and female you don't have that.

Nature designed your hands for holding a club (to beat large animals on the head with) or, alternately, to swing from tree to tree, depending on how far back you want to go, not for typing.

So, why are you using your hands in an unnatural way in order to post this nonsense on /.?

Comment Re:Future Slashdot Story: (Score 1) 737

A majority of Americans also believe in a deity that will hook them up with a winning lottery ticket if they just pray hard enough.

And He will, too!

How hard do you have to pray to get a winning ticket? Well, pray harder every week till you get that winning ticket. Then you'll know how hard you have to pray to do it....

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