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Comment Re:It should be noted... (Score 1) 137

...that Obama can stop this with a simple phone call.

Yep, her sure can. The fact that he hasn't in six+ years speaks volumes.

And he can make sure it doesn't happen again with a stroke of his E.O. Pen.

Umm, no. Actually he can't.

Yes, he can make an Executive Order making this go away, if he chooses.

Alas, the next President (or even Obama himself, afterwards) can make an Executive Order allowing this to restart. One President's Executive Orders are not binding on later Presidents if they choose to use their own Executive Order powers....

Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 1) 238

If the results of an experiment are due to an error, then the conclusion of the experiment is invalid.

So, how does one go about proving that the ORIGINAL results were the result of an error, as opposed to the later results meant to verify the original results?

C'mon, it's just as likely that an error was introduced in newer code than that one was fixed....

Comment Re:Congratulations India! (Score 1) 82

And if you can launch a satellite into geostationary, you can launch a MIRV'd ICBM against any really large country that might threaten you.

Umm...if you can launch a satellite into LEO you can do the ICBM thing. Or even a FOBS. Doesn't take geostationary orbital capability.

Note that India has been capable of reaching LEO since 1980.

Comment Re:Action Required !! (Score 1) 348

No, it won't. The system is designed for a reasonable facsimile of worst case right now. Long before Sea Level rise has raised it a foot (~400 years), we'll have added a foot onto the top of the existing levees, since we do levee maintenance more or less continuously.

Note that Katrina was more or less a "worst case" scenario. It screwed things up so badly that the next year's Mardi Gras was delayed a whole ZERO days....

Comment Re:I can tell from the comments (Score -1, Troll) 348

Down here in South Florida it's already making an impact.

Really??? Already?

So, Florida is already being adversely impacted by the THREE INCH increase in sea level since WORLD WAR ONE?!?

Wow, I'm impressed...that Floridians are stupid enough to think that three inches per century has had an "impact" on their lives....

Comment Re:Action Required !! (Score 1) 348

It should be noted that with the current levees around New Orleans, the sea level rise referred to in TFS will become a problem somewhere around 4000AD (the city averages about 500 mm below sea level, the levees rather more than 1500 mm above sea level)....

And this assumes we don't just shovel another foot of dirt onto the levees every couple centuries....

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 235

I don't know any place you'd put a cop instead of a traffic light

The same sort of place you'd use a school crossing guard - iow, a place where vehicle and pedestrian traffic peaks clump irregularly.

Of course, you usually have the traffic light in spots like that also. But the presence of the human controller means you ignore the light and pay attention to the human.

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