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I like to play a game called "Troll the Internet"

You pick some category (music, books, movies, etc) and then ask a question along the lines of "Which is better?". You can even do it with entire categories (e.g. "What are the best songs to have in my music collection?" "What are the best books to read?")

It's hilarious watching the infighting and attempts to justify responses to a subjective question.

The game has gotten a bit out of hand though. I've even seen it being played on popular tech forums like "Slashdot".

Nah, I prefer old school trolling where you say something that makes the "I've got to correct this idiot..." urge overpower the "The can't be serious..." rationality. For example:

As a scientist, I enjoy science fiction but am upset by how often they get simply science laws wrong. For example, I am a big Star Trek fan and overall find their science plausible. However, whiner the shuttle craft passes in front of the Enterprise it cases a shadow. In a vacuum. Don't they realize you won't get a shadow in the vacuum of space?

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47773075) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

I remind him that Jesus founded the Catholic Church as His Church and thus it and the Pope speak for God; and it says so in the Bible

Say what? I have read through several versions of the christian bible and at no point do I recall Jesus founding the Catholic Church.

In Wikipedia terms: Citation Needed.

"Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it... Feed my lambs; feed My sheep" (Matt. 16:18,19; John 21:15,17); thus establishing Peter as the first Pope and an unbroken line of succession has followed.

Star Trek terms: The only canon is that taught by the Catholic Church

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47768919) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

it's only a bad idea if the police have control over the recordings ... then you would see incriminating footage getting lost or deleted (and blamed on "equipment failure" ) & only exculpatory (for the police) footage being preserved.

First off all, tampering with evidence is a crime. Tampering with it would be visible and if only the "bad" parts turned up missing. If evidence is "lost" a defense attorney will have a field day with that, and having been on juries, jurors would take the losing of evidence as a sign the police weren't being truthful.

I'm all for it (despite the expansion of the panopticon) if the cameras are always on (including an officer recall if the feed fails), the feed is streamed to a remote location, the record is administered by a public advocacy agency and available for public review, and all interactions of a routine nature are deleted after a fixed period of time.

While it isn't live streamed, evidence from dash cams gets streamed (at least where I live) when the car returns to the station. The camera rolls all the time and when the blue lights go on it saves the recording starting from sometime before the blue lights go on.

One interesting use of this would to be to compare the officers actions during similar stops. "So Officer X, when you stopped X,Y,and Z for whatever you acts dlike this and then when my client was stopped you acted differently. Why is that?"

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47766849) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

So that's the real end goal - to get religion - or more correctly, Christianity, back into schools so everyone becomes a "good little Christian boy"

More correctly, their version of Christian theology. When I point out to them that the Catholic Church has stated that evolution and the scientific method are not in conflict they get upset. They point out the Catholic Church is not the decider and get even more steamed when I remind him that Jesus founded the Catholic Church as His Church and thus it and the Pope speak for God; and it says so in the Bible and why do they not believe in the Bible? They claim to be Christians, after all.

That's the real problem. When people want to bring back God into school they mean their version of God which isn't necessarily someone else's. They often claim they want to give religion equal time but get very upset when someone brings religious beliefs in they don't approve of.

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47710815) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

Wait so this is similar because when you go to a store, whose employees sole job to sell you something, it is like when you go to technical support, expecting someone whose sole job is to support your issue? They are 2 distinct types of employees. When I go to a store I expect to be upsold. When I contact customer service for a problem I do not expect to be sold something.

You may not expect it but many companies, that sell to customers as opposed to those who manufactur a product and sell through retailers, expect anyone who regularly deals with customers to try to upsell. Some are low key and others pushy. Airlines for example ask if I need a hotel or car at my destination. When I say no there is no they say thanks have a nice flight. Trying to camel SiriusXM was a nightmare of "no I don't x free months. Just cancel it" before the retention guy cancelled it.

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Anyone who thought that Germany's protests over surveillance was anything other than hypocritical bullshit is an idiot. All countries spy on all other countries. They always have and they always will.

True, and in general it was dealt with in a low key manner with the occasional low level diplomat getting expelled and then a bit of tit for tat. Both sides knew the game and had no desire to escalate the situation.

With the germans, I'd guess domestic political considerations necessitated a stronger response, spiced with a bit of schadenfreude, while at the same time the very same politicians were thinking, "Mein Gott I hope we don't get caught as well."

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47704653) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices

potential. Although it may not perform like a potent end notebook at its price point it can be very compelling in a number of scenarios:

1. As a standalone device to run a specialized program. I use several programs to trouble shot car problems and a $200 laptop means I would not have to risk busting my expensive laptop in the garage and still have portability vs a desktop.

2. Similar to 1, schools and other organizations would have a low cost machine that could be used in large scale implementations and would run currently available Windows software, unlike Chromebooks.

3. It offers a lower price point for a Windows machine for students or others for whom a more expensive machine is a stretch.

Of course, MS, if they follow past practices, will figure out a way to cripple the OS so the machine turns out to be an expensive paperweight.

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47703991) Attached to: Why Chinese Hackers Would Want US Hospital Patient Data

All the medical service providers I use now require I show photo ID which they then scan.

This theft has no particular utility when it comes to stealing medical services.

Unfortunately an aceptable ID such as a drivers license is easy to fake, especially since the admittance clerk is just looking for something to scan and not a cop trained to spot fakes.

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This happens just as often from the other side. Decision makers like to make decisions and they will do so regardless of how well they understand the problem. Instead they bring vague contradictory language to the engineers and expect them to sort out what the business ACTUALLY needs to make the decision maker look good. Managers are good at communicating their successes and often little else.

Which is why good two way communications is essential to success. the engineers need to clearly understand what is needed and the managers what it will take to deliver that. All too often both groups make decisions in a vacuum which leads to problems.

Comment: Re:Real people just don't like dealing with Hipste (Score 2) 371

Preconceptions about business attire are based on social conventions that are utterly arbitrary!

You wouldn't ever catch me in a fedora (it seems little more than a uniform for them much like a suit is to your so called "businesspeople") but people who judge someone's professional competency based on that attire and equate professionalism with collars and suits are being as stupid and bigoted as the hipsters that you are describing.

True, but they control the purse strings. You can either bang your head against the wall while complaining about the unfairness of it all or adapt, get inside, and begin the make changes. Generational shifts occur, after all hats used to be the norm for men at work, as were suits and ties. However, the reality is those making decisions at the top have a set of norms and you need to adjust to those norms if ou want to be taken seriously. Sure, there is the occasional genius who can do whatever they want because they are so good but there are far more people who think they are that person then there ar etaht person.

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The biggest problem I run into is that the management assumes that the engineers are completely unable to talk to customers and look at outside non-technical specifications. I have found that engineers tend to be better at it than managers and all but the best business analysts.

I think that the generalization has gone too far both ways. There are certainly engineers that are very good at talking to customers. There are some that absolutely should not be talking to customers...

I've been on both sides of that equation and the biggest issue I've seen with engineers is they often cannot communicate effectively. They may be great engineers and able to fix a problem but they have trouble explaining why the problem matters in a way to get decision makers to act. They can tell you it's a problem, what the technical details are and what needs to be done to fix it but fail open on why it is a problem and its implications. Those that can do that tend to be the ones listened to and moved into managing roles.

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Are you suggesting that the goals scored in BPL games are choreographed? Because otherwise there is no artistic element to their "performance" that could qualify for copyright protection.

Goals, no. Dives, maybe but that's another story. A performance doesn't have to be choreographed in order to qualify for protection, at least not in the US. If they record it then they have a copyright on the recording at a minimum; the question is the underlying game merely an uncopyrightable set of facts or an expressive interpretation? The EU court clearly says the game play is not subject to copyright. I could see someone, in the US at least, arguing because teams develop their own unique playbooks and then execute the plays they've fixed the performance (the playbook) and now are merely performing it in an impromptu but scripted manner. Personally, in the US at least, I'd guess they'd go after the use of team trademarks and contractual violations since that probably is an easier way to remove a video or prevent its use.

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by Registered Coward v2 (#47688047) Attached to: EFF's Cell Phone Guide For US Protesters

A phone with wireless charging is really good for this. You can remove or break the USB port and still charge it up. Ideally you need to sabotage it in a way that is impossible to repair.

While nothing is impossible to repair I'd go with corroding or breaking the terminals and then epoxying the port closed. That would prevent them from using many of the systems now available for grabbing phone data. the challenge s how do you then get data off the phone and out to the world? You'd still have to leave a path into the phone that can be exploited.

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