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Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 144

Sure, but: 1) they're making a lot less than if they were selling me both, and 2) a bare Internet connection is (at least hypothetically) replaceable. Once you've made the decision to drop TV programming, there's not a lot to holding you to a particular ISP.

Comment Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 5, Insightful) 144

Every time Comcast increases my bill, I drop a feature that costs the same amount. They're getting perilously close to the point where that feature will be "TV".

An open message to Comcast execs: be absolutely sure you're ready to make customers decide between your content and Netflix. I bet you'd be surprised how often the response won't be what you'd hope.

Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 1) 166

Yes. I have not been to a public fireworks display without police being there.
Of course it is really silly to compare Burning man with a 4th of July event. I have never been to a 4th of July event were the use of illegal drugs is very public and well known.

Comment Re:Mostly troll posts (Score 1) 125

While I appreciate and respect the work that went into LILO, I'm not going to wax nostalgic about it. There were lots of things I used daily Back Then - think AGP drivers, X modelines, PATA - that served me well but that I'm happy to move past. LILO did its job and I'm grateful to it, but I don't feel like a troll for not caring about what it's been up to for the last decade or so.

Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 4, Interesting) 166

I think it is funny that anyone is shocked at the fact a "gathering" that involves drug use and pyrotechnics is being watched. The fact that they have never came in and raided the event shows that the FBI really is not going in for busting up free speech.

Comment Which scholars really believe it's divine source? (Score 1) 504

Some scholars believe, however, that Muhammad did not receive the Quran from heaven, as he claimed during his lifetime

So are there actual scholars, I mean people who put facts before belief, who DO believe the divine inspiration story?

Are are those "scholars" merely religious functionaries whose "scholarship" is really just a form of theology?

Comment Re:His first mistake was changing his lifestyle (Score 1) 786

Most of my friends have kids or grown kids. Oh and they are married as well.
I am kind of surprised that Markus is not in the same position as I am. He is 36 but he is single. I think that is a big issue. Being super rich and single could make it really difficult to find a true mate.

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