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Journal: Upcoming Redesign

Journal by Red4man

Slashdot - Stale News for Nerds, Stuff that Doesn't Matter, Eyebleeding Layout by SBNation making your eyes bleed since 2013.

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Journal: Cialis VS Viagra 2

Journal by Red4man

Buy Cialis is called secondary impotence. Men with impotence often cease to attempt sexual intercourse, choosing to overload slashdot with spam journal entries selling a product that they require, so that they're able to continue to masturbate over boobless wonders like Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson. Three other problems may occur separately or together with impotence : x Loss of libido is reduced or lost sexual interest or initiative. Reduced libido may also result partly from illnesses, medications, ps Cialis, INN- tadalafil, DES-Tardasil.

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Journal by Red4man
Great. Wonder what you guys will break for that. Half the fun of visiting slashdot is to see "What did they completely fuck up today?"

Of courrse, half as fun is reading the comments to see who's dick the slashbot collective is sucking.

You know, I've been here a while..and it's time for a coup de gras.

Go Fuck Yourself, San Diego. You too, Slashbots!

Some fun fact for slashbots:

Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. Natalie Portman isn't that attractive, she has no tits and the body of a 10 year old boy. Oh, wait, that's why you like her. Got it.

Cowboy Neal has his own zip code. When he sits around his house, he really sits around his house. The shoe shiners love him, because they know they don't actually have to shine his shoes, and that he has to take their word for it. Cowboy Neal hasn't seen his own penis without the help of a mirror since 3rd grade.

Samzenpus is a portmanteau of "Sam's a Pussy" which he ironically wishes he had... along with the body of a 10 year old boy so the slashbots would find him attractive.

Good bye, Slashdot. Goodbye, useless virgin slashbots. May all your parent's basements flood so you have to go out into the real world.

LOVE AND KISSES (but not really)


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Journal: Just to be clear... 1

Journal by Red4man
Because if so, perhaps you should look in the mirror and find out who is really a bully.

Let's face it - the obsessive compulsive stalking and harassment you've done to people around here constitutes cyber-bullying. You're easily the worst offender. Multiple AC trolls, multiple sock puppet accounts...

a bully threatens you

I'm not threatening you. I'm promising you that I'm going to keep pointing out your horrible on-line behavior. The way you treat people you don't agree with on this site is deplorable.


Because I want you to change your behavior and quit being such a weird little OCD twerp. I want you to confess your sock puppetry, because confession is good for the soul.

You don't believe it, and in fact, probably can't believe it... but the reality is, I'm trying to help you. THIS IS AN INTERVENTION! STOP TREATING PEOPLE POORLY!!

Yeah, yeah... I'm a troll account. At least the people I've trolled knew I liked them and knew that I was just roasting them.

I'll let you in on another secret.

Half the people I inducted into the old "Dumbass Hall Of Fame" WROTE THEIR OWN INDUCTIONS. In other words, they were in on the joke.


Yeah, you read that last part right.
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Journal: The complete undressing of damn_registrars. 3

Journal by Red4man
Greatness Here

There is no reason to believe that statement.

Of course there is. I've (eventually) claimed all my sock puppet accounts, and this one is no different.

Want me to try and remember the password for darn_registrars and use that again?

But... playing your little semantic games gives you away. Why would you make such an obvious error?

Answer: Because you have to in order to keep up the charade that you aren't behind the AC trolls that follow *every single one* of the posts I make. Let's face it dude, we've already established that you're the only one with the required OCD to pull that off.

Therefore, logically, it benefits you in this silly game to play stupid - except in order to successfully play stupid, you can't actually be stupid, and you are.

I'm not denying anything. I have no sock puppet accounts, period.

So you follow a statement that you're not denying anything with a *gasp* denial that you use sock puppet accounts.

Jeez, man, you're making this too easy.

So let me reiterate: YOU, damn_registrars, are clearly behind the AC postings that reply to nearly every single post of mine. YOU, damn_registrars, are using the AC postings to laughably make a claim that this account belongs to you, even though this account is one of mine (Red).

The reason you do this is quite simple: You are embarrassed at being caught playing dumb little sock puppet and AC trolling games. You are quite likely afraid of your real identity being found out and someone you're repeatedly and obsessively harassed and stalked on this site pointing that fact out and giving you real world consequences of your actions.

And perhaps worst of all, you are upset that despite your delusional self image of yourself as the "smartest person in the room" - as witnessed by your posting history, you're been repeatedly out-smarted, out-witted, and completely outclassed by an account(s) you try to simply dismiss as a troll.

That being all said....


Love and Kisses,



You know, what's really kind of funny is that I keep warning him he's about to completely step in it, and that I'm going to make him look like a complete idiot - and, since he is, he just marches right ahead and steps in it, and after the shit is smeared all over his shoes and floor, he makes the claim that it's chocolate ice cream!


pudge, railgunner, roman_mir and others might be too big of pussies - or idiots - to call you out on your repeated obsessive-compulsive harassment and stalking, not to mention your sock puppetting and AC trolling, damn_registrars, but I'm not.


Death and Taxes,

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Journal: Reality Check 2

Journal by Red4man

McChrystal is a liberal democrat who voted for Obama. To those who think the GOP will run McChrystal in 2012 - Have you even read the Rolling Stone Article or are you just being a partisan dumbass?


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Journal: Some Chatroulette Tips From Your Pal Red

Journal by Red4man

If you connect with some dude wanking off, make fun of his lack of endowment. In fact, you can tell him that the only reason he's doing that is because there's no chance at all he'd ever please a woman with such inadequate equipment. Eventually, he'll be shamed into hiding. Unless he doesn't speak English. Or he's Canadian like Captain Splendid, in which case he's so emasculated he's lucky to have a penis at all. Tell that guy to pull away, eh? Tim Hortons, eh?

If you connect with a celebrity, you're being trolled. Hell, it might even be me. One way to test is to intentionally talk about revolting things like necrophilia, an if Jessica Alba doesn't look disgusted, it ain't really her. Don't be a dumbass and fall for such an easy troll.

This has been a public pubic service announcement from your pal Red.

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Journal: So I took a page from mcgrew 7

Journal by Red4man

mostly because I was bored, and got a hummer for 10 bucks. I would have left a tip, but I already gave her the whole thing.

Wow, that joke sucked. I should troll myself for even posting it.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982