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Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 109

we need to acknowledge that many of the additional "free market reforms" that your friends advocate for bring us much much closer to functional slavery

Functional slavery would more correctly be the debt shackles imposed by Progress.

Some of us are familiar with a time in history when there was such a thing as "debtor's prison" (as more than just the metaphorical institution we have today). Looking at the power that large corporations exert over the federal government today (exhibit A being HIIBA 2010, though it is not really a surprise coup at all), we are only a hair away from not only a return to debtor's prison but a new kind of debtor's prison where the debt holders are themselves the prison wardens. Couple that with for-profit law enforcement and judiciary and we have slavery, just with a new name and a shiny happy GOP endorsement.

Has it occurred to you that differing sets of priorities for "liberties" is not automatically a bad thing? Not everyone thinks that your notion of "freedom" - as applied to the market before the individual - is the most important.

Adolf certainly did not.

I'm not sure which Adolf you're referring to, here. It is worth noting here that the ones conscripting armies are not the socialists, though. The ones who have the power over the serfs who do the work are not the socialists, either.

Comment Re:Complete video stream pre-rolling (Score 1) 505

And if it's actually the content cartels making them do this, well fuck them. I've stopped subscribing to their services and stopped handing them my money.

You're always free to start your own movie studio, produce your own films comparable in production values to those of the major studios, and then offer them for streaming with full preroll.

Comment Redbox carries only new releases (Score 1) 505

Second if they could/wanted to wait for as little as half an hour, the customer would have gone outside and headed to their nearest Redbox or even (gasp!) brick and mortar store to get the DVD/Bluray themselves.

Brick and mortar DVD rental is dead, and Redbox carries only new releases, not the back catalog. Besides, buses to and from the store don't run on Sundays (source:

Comment Windows is already LTS (Score 1) 505

OS X, Solaris, IRIX, AIX, have turned a profit for a long time without [product activation] in place.

That's because these proprietary UNIX systems are meant to run on computers sold by the operating system publisher. Authentic hardware activates the operating system. "Don't Steal Mac OS X.kext" anyone?

a LTS release.

This already exists, provided that by "LTS" you mean something like Canonical providing security updates for each LTS release of Ubuntu for five years or Red Hat supporting RHEL for ten years. Microsoft has been providing extended support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1 for ten years after release or seven years after the successor release, whichever is longer.



Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 1) 505

For one thing, a completely unpowered computer cannot wake on LAN. For another, a physical switch is too easy to accidentally put in the wrong position: lose unsaved changes if suddenly turned off, or cause an expensive tech support call when the novice user cannot quickly find it to turn it on.

Comment Re:Things are looking up (Score 1) 122

Things were great in early 1914 too.

* We've lost privacy.
* We've lost 12 minutes per hour of our entertainment to advertising.
* The quality of fruits and vegetables are down for most people.
* There's a growing set of food intolerance diseases- most likely due to issues with the food.
* If we have another widespread war- it's going to be fast and horrific compared earlier wars.
* If we have another financial panic get thru- it's going to be worse than the great depression.
* If a terrorist group gets hold of increasingly cheap bioweapons, it could end human civilization.
* If automation proceeds as expected- our current economic system breaks down as over half the population loses the ability to trade their time and labor for products.

A lot of plates are spinning. We might pull it off. Or things could fall apart astonishingly fast.

We could have had a war break out with Russia just last week via Turkey. And we would have been pulled into it by treaties- just as happened in world war one.

Generally- I agree we are doing better- but things are much more "brittle" than they used to be. We've reduced redundancy and if things go badly over a large area, it will impact ability to get food and power to a lot more people.

So... as the guy falling past the 6th floor window said.... "So far so good!"

Comment Low settings (Score 1) 232

i.e. game developers are constantly raising the bar on PC games

But you can turn down the detail level in options. The effort to also sell on PS3 was encouraging developers to make available settings suitable for a 2006 GPU, and this is continuing on PS4 which has essentially a laptop chipset.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.