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Comment: Reversal of Fortune (Score 1) 51

by SuperKendall (#48941281) Attached to: Reverse Engineering the Nike+ FuelBand's Communications Protocol

Good god man, with the protocol fully in the hands of hackers they can reverse the bluetooth polarity flow - either shifting it to red through acceleration to burn your wrist, or even worse with the reversed flow affecting the heart rate monitor the hackers have full control of your heart rate!

Think everyone wearing a FuelBand as now living either a Logan's Run or Running Man scenario...

Comment: Re:It's a regressive tax. (Score 1) 57

by cayenne8 (#48941191) Attached to: US Wireless Spectrum Auction Raises $44.9 Billion did we survive at all, in those few short years ago before cell phones became so ubiquitous?

I mean, none of us were remotely able to find and get jobs back in the dark ages of the late 90's and early 2000's. Yep, we all lived in caves, some with the luxury of landlines, and almost no internet connectivity for most.

Yep, we were all pretty agrarian, farm families at home with no hope of finding a job outside, nor communicate with anyone further than the end of the block.

Seriously, this wireless and instant communication is a very recent thing....while it makes things MUCH more convenient, it isn't a necessity. If you're very poor, you get your ass out and find out what you need to do. The unemployment office will help you too these days still.

Comment: Re:So, what's the practical concern of this? (Score 2) 51

by gmack (#48940447) Attached to: Reverse Engineering the Nike+ FuelBand's Communications Protocol

I think the big issue is the potential to use this as a vector to introduce malware to the phone or PC the owner interfaces the device with. Not sure how practical that is.

The big issue will be that people will use this to display rude things on random people's armbands.

Comment: Re:Painted target (Score 3, Insightful) 74

I know the article says that these companies can't afford to ignore china

Well, big companies, like MS, Apple, Oracle, etc.

When you run a small (or more local) business, one of the nice things is being able to avoid certain markets and customers. In fact, unless your future growth (and corresponding funding) aren't a lock, you have to avoid them because all they'll do is destroy your business.

So if the big boys have to jump through ridiculous hoops in order to keep those profit margins sky-high, fuck 'em. That's how the game works.

Comment: Re:Let me guess (Score 1) 131

by Totenglocke (#48940339) Attached to: LibreOffice Gets a Streamlined Makeover With 4.4 Release
Jesus, it's been almost a decade and the old fogeys are still whining that Microsoft made a change (that most people who work in an office environment actually find useful). If you're such a power user, your keyboard shortcuts are still the same. After seven years, it's time to stop being afraid of change just because it looks different.

Comment: Re:The fuzzy line between hobby and job (Score 1) 216

What is your point? Roads and taxes are one of the few constitutionally authorized roles of the federal government and the state doesn't need authorization. Legitimate Government services have always been paid for by people who do not use them or use them as much as others since well before the USSR or any concept of what formed it ever existed.

It would be different if all roads were private and you owned them but that is not the case. Even when some roads were privately owned, it was up to the owners to set pricing which often overcharged sone and under charged others.

It is really no different than the pokice and fire which both are legitimate government uses. You pay to support both and likely never use either as much as the rich guy tryong to protect his store or the trailer trash that have the cops break up a domestic situation every other weekend. That was the economic system of the USSR too. Do you want to make police and fire availible only to those yhat can pay for the costs they impose? Here is a hint. You wouldn't like it.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 129

by Cro Magnon (#48940061) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS

And even if the three letter agencies don't take an interest, when we discuss our building a better mousetrap in e-mails and meeting schedules, I'd prefer it if we didn't get bombarded with ads for pest control.

You think that's bad? Ever since our last project went bad, and I said we were screwed, I got all sorts of condom ads!

+ - Reverse Engineering the Nike+ FuelBand's Communications Protocol->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Security researcher Simone Margaritelli has reverse engineered the Bluetooth low-energy communications protocol for his Nike+ FuelBand SE, a wrist-worn activity tracker. He learned some disturbing fact: "The authentication system is vulnerable, anyone could connect to your device. The protocol supports direct reading and writing of the device memory, up to 65K of contents. The protocol supports commands that are not supposed to be implemented in a production release (bootloader mode, device self test, etc)." His post explains in detail how he managed this, and how Nike put effort into creating an authentication system, but then completely undermined it by using a hard-coded token. Margaritelli even provides a command list for the device, which can do things like grab an event log, upload a bitmap for the screen, and even reset the device."
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