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Comment The problem is much worse than it seems (Score 1) 194

The really awful thing about Clinton storing all kinds of classified data on her server is not just that some of it may have been stolen...

Np, the far worse problem is that because she wiped the server, the intelligence community now has now way to know exactly WHAT information may have been leaked, and (again because the server was wiped) no way to have a good idea of the probability of it having been hacked or not - meaning anything she or anyone she worked with had access too, has all got to be considered compromised now.

More details here...

Comment Born Classified (Score 1) 194

A number of emails a secretary of state are inherently classified by nature - the official term is "Born Classified". It is not possible to be secretary of state and not send some classified information from whatever email account you are using for that job - even if it was a one word reply on which way a decision with long-term ramifications should go in regards to another country...

Submission + - Mozilla Admits Bugzilla Breached - as far back as 2013->

darthcamaro writes: Mozilla today publicly admitted that secured areas of bugzilla, where non-public zero days are stored, was accessed by an attacker. The attacker got access to as many as 185 security bugs before they were made public. The whole hack raises the issue of Mozilla's own security, since it was a user password that was stolen and the bugzilla accounts weren't using two-factor authentication.
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Submission + - 24 Chinese Android Smartphones Models Come With Pre-Installed Malware 1


Solar Windows Could Help Power Buildings 75

Lucas123 writes: Several companies are now beginning to roll out translucent photovoltaic films or solar cells embedded in windows that can supplement a significant amount of energy in the buildings where they're used. SolarWindow Technologies, for example, is preparing to launch a transparent product made with organic PVs, while another company, Solaria, is cutting solar cells into thin strips and embedding them in windows. Both companies admit their products can't produce the 20% efficiency ratings of today's best rooftop solar panels, but they say that's not their objective. Instead, the companies are looking to take advantage of millions of skyscraper windows that today are simply unused real estate for renewable energy. One company is aiming at supplementing 20% to 30% of a skyscrapers power requirements. Meanwhile, universities are also jumping into the solar window arena. Oxford University has spun off a PV window company that produces semi-transparent solar cells made of semi-transparent perovskite oxide that has achieved a 20% solar energy efficiency.

Comment Re:It's sad how the Republicans have made this leg (Score 0) 99

so the next time around, we won't be able to sue. The Republicans hate technology therefore they hate us. Never vote for one of their kind.

Will you go away with your republican bashing? You have to make every story into a political debate and it is always the republicans fault according to you.

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