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Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 1) 60

Might be the difference between getting through en entire day and having to swap out the batteries for a bus or taxi.

But with an automated bus/taxi fleet (or even a manned one), the vehicle that's running low on juice can be swapped out for a freshly charged one, sending the low-charge vehicle back to the charging station (and to be inspected). This fills two needs: energy efficiency and regular maintenance. You could also have forklift-loadable batteries always charging to be swapped out as needed during high volume days to get vehicles back out sooner without the maintenance checks.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 2) 582

What happens in Europe is that they start making the streets in such a way that they are automatically so that you drive a lower speed. Especially in neighbourhoods where people live.

I live there. What happens in practice, is that the people that were already obeying the speed limit are slowed down. And the people that were speeding before, see it as an obstacle course challenge, going as fast or faster as before, but now also swerving dangerously... Also, when you put a big obstacle on the road, people tend to focus on that, instead of watching out for pedestrians.

Where I live, there's a sudden road divider and recombiner intended to slow drivers down from a 40mph zone to a 25mph zone. But every part of the street is well lit with overhead lamps except this road obstacle. There are always dark tire marks on the curbs there.

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