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Comment Re: "...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 955 955

That's a force. Two opposing forces can result in a net acceleration of an object (and thus velocity as a component), but it can also result in zero acceleration, which is no gain in velocity. The opposing force in this case is friction with air molecules. The two forces eventually reach a point where there is no more acceleration known as "terminal velocity".

Comment Re: A plea to fuck off. (Score 1) 364 364

It's a far sight more memorable than h6FA!j#Aq63K3 which is what developers still think is the golden rule of password formats. I recognize that I'm bad at random, but I can remember made up words just as easily as real ones. Any fan of sci fi or fantasy novels can rattle off a ton of words that aren't standard English. Make a passphrase generator. I've got a script that uses a few *nix dictionaries and finds actual random words. It's like a word of the day calendar except without the definitions. The bad part is that "naughty" words get thrown in the mix, so if I'm ever generating them for other people as a one-use passphrase, I have to vet the list or risk HR.

Comment Re:Didn't upgrade to Yosemite, yay! (Score 1) 129 129

From TFA

"This flaw is present in the latest version of Yosemite, OS X 10.10.4, and the beta, version 10.10.5. If you upgrade to the El Capitan beta (OS X 10.11), you'll be free from the vulnerability as Apple has already fixed it in that preview beta. Once again, if you keep up with Cupertino and install (or buy) the very latest stuff, you'll be rewarded."

lolwhat? That statement is ridiculous. Since when unstable beta is considered keeping up with updates. Well unless "rewarded" is meant as synonym to pwned.

Because there's never security holes in beta software...

Agreed, that statement from TFA is pretty stupid.

The ridiculous part isn't the security holes in beta software. It's that the article assumes beta software is "the latest updates" or that you can get it pre-installed when you buy the latest hardware.

Comment Re:Correction: (Score 1) 217 217

Who really wins these lotteries? The advertising firms designing every new scratch off ticket. Every week there's another new "game" that has a million advertising spots on radio, TV, billboards, etc. If it were about income for the state (tax on the math challenged), then they'd just need a few scratch offs that never change style and a big lottery for the dreamers. There would be little to no need to advertise (or to have a hushed, sped-up voice admonish listeners to "play responsibly"). This is about funneling money to the advertisers, and using the advertisers to grab (or create) as many gambling addicts as they can get. That's a sick thing for government to do.

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