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Comment: You'll get bugs (Score 4, Interesting) 252

If it's warm and the crawl space isn't, it will draw bugs like the dickens. Maybe research those blue light LEDs and see if they really kill arthropods as well as they claim. Then you'll have mice. If the humidity doesn't kill the machine, all the mouse urine will.

Comment: Re:Know what's worse? Cleartext. (Score 1) 132

by Culture20 (#49278261) Attached to: Researchers Find Same RSA Encryption Key Used 28,000 Times

he pulled an app off a public website, got it running on my computer in minutes and before we were done with dinner he had my wifi password

Presumably something you had recently typed and was in memory, had stored in a file, or had typed while the program was running. Your friend showed you a magic trick. "Look over here at my right hand while it does something awesome. Now look in my left hand to see what my right hand did!" It was his left hand all along.

Comment: Re:America, the Police State. (Score 0) 140

by Culture20 (#49271975) Attached to: How Police Fight To Keep Use of Stingrays Secret

This month we found out they lock people up in secret detention facilities in Chicago, in America, without booking them, no Miranda rights, no access to a lawyer, such that no one but the police even knows where these people disappear to for days or weeks on end. This isn't Gitmo, this is happening in the USA.

You've been modded up to 3 at this point, but I really need a citation on this one. I'm lazy in my news gathering, and I've not heard of this at all.

Comment: Re: Whey your son* demands* a conversation with Ba (Score 1) 163

by Culture20 (#49271433) Attached to: "Hello Barbie" Listens To Children Via Cloud

Or, maybe, the child could have a conversation with her toy and use her imagination to have the toy reply. Why does everything need to be preset and electronically prepared for our kids so that they don't need to use their imaginations to play?

If children learned to use their imaginations, then they will be adults with imaginations and won't be as easily swayed to do our bidding.

Comment: Re:End copyright and all kinds of IP protection to (Score 1) 386

How about you start making free music and show us how it's done.

People have been making free music since pre-history. It's the natural state of music. Non-free music only started with the invention of enclosed concert halls and later blossomed with audio recordings. But during the rise of non-free music, humanity has continued to hum, tap, sing, or play instruments on their own.

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