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Comment: Re:Go for it (Score 1) 2

by damn_registrars (#49780011) Attached to: Survey - George W. Bush more evil than Stalin, Mao, Lenin
While you are generally quick to defend Bush - and probably steaming over the fact that Obama is not on the top 10 - it would be interesting to see the list (article mentions a list of 40).

However, there is one distinction that Bush has that none of the others on the top 10 have. Only he launched a war against a sovereign nation thousands of miles away while in the position of head of state. Granted, several of the others did not have the technology to do so in their time (Genghis Khan, especially), but he is the only one on the list who did it either way. Others were also not formal heads of state (Khan again, or Bin Laden for a more recent example).

I expect you might want to counter with something along the lines of how Bush believed he was doing the right thing by invading a sovereign nation thousands of miles away who posed absolutely no credible threat to his own country. To that I will also point to the fact that the others on the list mostly also convinced themselves they were doing the right thing.

Comment: root knows all (Score 1) 140

by tepples (#49779777) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

The information content of God has to be greater than or equal to the information content of the Universe (this is literally the God-property of omniscience).

That's not how God's omniscience was explained to me. It's more "all seeing" than "all knowing". It's not that God knows every detail of everything in the universe as much as that he can know anything he needs. It's like having a debugger.

Comment: Go for it (Score 1) 2

by smitty_one_each (#49779459) Attached to: Survey - George W. Bush more evil than Stalin, Mao, Lenin
If anyone's knowledge of history and sense of proportion is so bad as to even put GWB on this list, then go full tilt boogie and say he's worse than the rest, combined.
I'm not here to accuse GWB of being some kind of saint--he was another brick in the wall of Progressive decline, in my opinion--but I've really lost interest in trying to communicate with the kind of idiots who would juxtapose GWB and Adolf. Or Barack and Adolf, for that matter. It's so stupid, I can't even

Comment: Re: This seems foolproof! (Score 2, Interesting) 59

by Rei (#49778525) Attached to: Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced

That's true - olympic medals are only required to contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold, and at least 92% silver. Even still, it's a an incredible price

$9.4 billion for a 28 mile road. And we're not talking through an urban area, just simple new constuction. 4 lines. 28 miles. 45000 meters long with an actual driving width of... oh, let's say 3,5 meters per lane? Not sure what's typical. So about 157500 square meters. $60k per square meter. I mean, seriously, just think about that. You could stack $1000 Louie Vitton handbags 5 layers deep across the whole road for that money. $9.4 billion for 28 miles? You could pay Russians $3 an hour to carry passengers on their shoulder at 3 miles per hour and carry 50 thousand passengers per day every day and it wouldn't cost as much as the road for nearly 20 years.

Comment: The Apple-provided app is launched instead (Score 1) 85

What exactly is stopping an app developer for using http or https as a custom scheme?

The fact that Safari has already grabbed it. Apple's Inter-App Communication page states: "The handlers for these schemes are fixed and cannot be changed. If your URL type includes a scheme that is identical to one defined by Apple, the Apple-provided app is launched instead of your app."

Comment: Re:Corruption? In Russia? (Score 1) 59

by Rei (#49778303) Attached to: Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced

Really? That's your example of something comparable to Roscosmos embezzling 10% of its annual budget? Operation Lightning Strike which turned out to be a big entrapment op that spent years trying to convince non-key players to commit crimes that they never would have otherwise, and a link that's anything but an endictment of NASA?

Comment: Re:This seems foolproof! (Score 2) 59

by Rei (#49778067) Attached to: Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced

This is, after all, the same country whose 28 mile road to the Olympics cost more than if they'd covered the whole road with gold medals two layers thick. ;)

Concerning this privatization, the only question that remains is, which friend of Putin is going to get to "buy" the space agency at a " fair market value" ;)

Comment: Re:Interesting but... (Score 1) 203

by LWATCDR (#49776699) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

He can do what he wants with his money. I was making an assumption that his goal was to improve education. It is a suggestion that I think would help him get closer to that goal.

As to throwing money at inner city schools? That depends on the school. If they are lacking funds for music and the arts then yes it could help.

Comment: Re:I think they mean.... (Score 2) 142

by jellomizer (#49776617) Attached to: Charter Strikes $56B Deal For Time Warner Cable

Government is rather good at infrastructure. Companies are not so good at it. Why do you think Cable Companies are so bad in terms of customer support. Because they need to manage this infrastructure. That means they will keep the more profitable zones in better condition, or zones where they have some competition with. But in other areas where it is a profit loss zone, or they know customers don't have an alternative, they will just do the bare minimum. Government infrastructure seems to value the last mile user a bit more. Making sure they get their coverage as well.

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