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+ - Has the Native vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett writes: The tools available to developers who need to build an application once and deploy everywhere have exploded. Frameworks like, Ionic, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator, Xamarin, and others are reducing the grunt work and improving the overall quality of web based mobile applications dramatically. The benefits of a build once, deploy everywhere platform are pretty obvious, but are they enough to make up for the hits to user experience?
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Comment: Re:Until it actually happens, I don't care. (Score 2) 288

Remember hydrogen cars? They even built a hydrogen gas station near where I live. Cool right?... not really... basically no cars use it, the station is not economical, and I believe they may have only built one of these fucking things on the entire planet.

There's a handful of them on the left coast, and they're putting in another handful on the right coast. Statistically nobody in the middle of the country buys interesting vehicles anyway. Toyota is about to start selling a FCV finally, and they're licensing their fuel cell to BMW and it will probably make it into an i5 in a year or two.

The real problem with hydrogen is that it is horribly annoying at best. It's just dumb on every level.

Comment: Re:"although not with bug-free results" (Score 1) 129

by drinkypoo (#49560245) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet

The Kindle app, for example, now likes to hang up so I have to kill it.

Amazon is probably doing something bad and stupid as usual. I had to remove their store app from my devices because it made them unusable. All of them. Locks, hangs, FCs, even in other apps. Amazon can't code their way out of a nutsack. You can see this in their site, too. They break it every few months.

Comment: Re:No mention of iPad in the summary? (Score 0) 129

by drinkypoo (#49560231) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet

I don't want some device I have to build in a kit every couple of months. I'm beyond the point where I want to endlessly fiddle with technology

That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about installing a bootloader and using it to install a community-tested, community-developed replacement for the OS. Something you can't do on iOS, even when you need to, because Apple has shit it up.

I have no interest in tracking my own CyanogemMod version, building it from a kit, hand bombing my install.

So like I said, you have no idea what you're on about. You just download it and install it. You don't build anything.

I like vanilla Android out of the box. I've seen the junk Samsung and others put on, and I have no interest in it.

So again, like I said, you get a well-supported device and then you install AOSP (I'm running SOKP on my Moto G XT1063) and then you don't have to dick with it. Maybe eventually I'll check back to see if there's an update. Usually you can dirty flash those, so there's not much hassle involved.

All you did was demonstrate your ignorance.

Comment: Re:Shady Misinformation About Real Name Policy Too (Score 1) 300

by drinkypoo (#49560189) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

And yet Facebook never seemed to enforce it.

Confirmation bias.

I have family members with multiple fake accounts that have lasted for years and years all so they could invite those fake accounts as friends in games. And they weren't even remotely sneaky about making them appear as real.

Yes, they didn't use the policy against farmvillains, only when it was important, like against trannies and whatnot. But their rights aren't important to you, so you didn't hear about that while it was happening.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2) 178

by drinkypoo (#49560155) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Oh so you miss the days of manually setting sound card jumpers to set DMA and IRQ

What? I say, what, son? That shit went away with ISA, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with pulseaudio. Nothing. Pulseaudio did nothing to mitigate that because none of those issues went away if you still have that hardware, because pulseaudio does not handle that part of the audio system. Do you know anything about the software we are now discussing?

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 3, Informative) 178

by drinkypoo (#49560145) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Please note that PA is for consumer audio, that means general purpose desktop and sound server use.

You know what's different about consumer and pro audio? Nothing. As it turns out, consumers also want high-fidelity audio, and they want to be able to mix multiple streams. The only difference lies in what the industry is willing to sell us.

It works great for that and doesn't drain batteries and so on.

Actually, pulseaudio has notably drained batteries in the past, because shitcode.

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 2) 178

by drinkypoo (#49560093) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Since they claimed that the systemd developers are bad and inexperienced programmers that can't code or design,

We have seen this proven true with pulseaudio.

that the systemd design is bad and that the code is bad,

Which should surprise nobody

it puzzles them that despite all this, systemd have worked beautifully for so many years.

Which it hasn't, and many slashdotters have given examples in this and other systemd-related threads, which you have willfully ignored because they don't fit the narrative you swallowed.

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 1) 178

by drinkypoo (#49560075) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Stop using XP. It's much faster now.

Bullshit. It's much, much slower now, not least because the subset of printer drivers included is pathetic. What's pathetic about the list of supported printers that extremely common printers supported with precisely the same drivers that they have already shipped plus just a different PPD are not included. But it also takes much longer to hit windows update and find your printer driver than it did on XP.

Comment: Re:Wounded Not Dead (Score 1) 178

by drinkypoo (#49560053) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

But bear in mind that SysV Init has been straining at the seams now for around two decades, probably more.

Only because people keep trying to shove things into init that don't belong there.

Bear in mind SysV init was never upgraded to take into account changing usage.

It didn't need it.

Take a look at /etc/inittab. Try and find a man page that still describes the format.

On debian, you would use 'man inittab'.

Nobody should have continued reading your comment beyond this point, because it's clearly ignorant at best.

Comment: Re:America is finished! OVER! (Score 1) 219

You're an idiot. The middle class isn't being drained via taxation. Taxes are lower right now than at any point in the last century. It's the stagnation of wages that's causing the middle class to have problems.

It really doesn't matter what the absolute number of dollars people are paying in taxes might be if the taxation breaks the camel's back. Who do you think is paying for Obamacare?

Comment: Re:In other words... (Score 1) 219

we don't have the unlimited labor supply we once did = we don't have an unlimited amount of "slave labor"

Immigrant labor is even "better" than literal slave labor because it is cheaper. You don't have to care for your employees. If they get sick or die or whatever, that's not your problem because you don't own them. And if you don't want to pay them, you just inform the INS that you have "discovered" that you have a high number of illegal employees, and would they please come pick them up, perhaps right before or even on payday?

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