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Comment Re:We're building a skyscraper with Agile (Score 1) 281

Can the client climb on the second floor with a rope? We used that in a treehouse last year. It should work the same.

Now, Steve, what did I tell you about pulling in dependencies without my say-so? I know you're comfortable with all those old frameworks but we need to keep our design fresh and cutting edge. Now, I've got this excellent system some kids just out of college put together, very next gen, very cutting edge. See, you just take a see-saw and the guy picks up a boulder and stands on one end of it...

Comment Re:post-liability not always sufficient (Score 1) 104

cherry-picking a few horror cases is a propaganda technique

And? What are you going to do about them? These are messes that the industrialists made. Are you even going to provide a counter-point of an unregulated mine that was shutdown in a clean and orderly manner? CAN you even provide a counter-point? Are you going to tell us what makes this time different? Tell us why, if we drop all the regulations now and start over just like back then, people will not do the same things they did back then?

Comment Re:sounds an awful lot like (Score 1) 6

In my experience, MVC appears to be largely overengineered, up until you have models that are subclasses of each other and could share the same view. Then I've had it cut development time in half for the second model (including the time to break down the first to MVC) and even better for subsequent objects. Even then, people are too married to having three initials and you get entire ragefests over "omg where does the valdiation go WHERE DOES THE BUSINESS LOGIC GO?!?!?!" (most "business logic" I've seen used in arguments over business logic could be trivially implemented as a second model that operates as essentially a parameterized view on the database covering a certain subset of objects, eg "bob's sales prospects" = select * from prospects where owner='bob'. Then code is like list = new EmployeeProspects('bob'); list.addProspect(new Prospect(...)); etc where EmployeeProspects is responsible for munging the Prospect object's database entry to fit (add) or not fit (remove) the view, and throw exceptions when it cannot or should not.)

As a use case for MVC, consider Pizza Joe's website. Sure, you can slap together a page that lets you order from a list of hard-coded ingredients to make a pizza, 1 hr. But think a "Pizza Builder" view where the model is the pizza, until one day the boss says "let's let people save pizzas for ordering again in the future" so you reuse Pizza Builder view but the model and controller is for a SavedPizza. Then the boss wants to be able to put together special pizzas and name them "let's let us make a Joe's Deluxe Medium Pie for $10" and put them on sale, so reuse the Pizza Builder view for PromoPizzas. Then the boss wants to be able to create promo pizzas to schedule in the future using ingredients that don't exist in the database yet so he says "let's let us let lettuce be a topping next week" so you flip the table and storm out. Or create a FuturePizzaBuilderView for PromoPizzas (or better yet, create an IngredientList/FutureIngredientList model and redo PizzaBuilderView to accept that from its constructor, and the various Pizza controllers to select an appropriate IngredientList model to provide the PizzaBuilderView. Dependency Injection!

Comment Re:Misleading Summary (Score 3, Insightful) 488

Think of it as truth serum that never fails.

Never fails to what?

Never fails to get the subject to tell you whatever it is you tell them to tell you to make it stop?

Never fails to get the subject to tell you bullshit that you can't verify in order to get you to stop? (Why don't you ask McCain about his Vietnam tour?)

Comment Re:lies, damn lies, and sworn testimony (Score 1) 86

I found out you were a fan of our local baseball team because I snuck into your house and hacked your computer

Dammit, that sounds like a lot of work. How 'bout I just sit here on my fat ass then tell the court that I found out you were a fan of our local baseball team because of... well, I can't tell you because it's a state secret, but just trust me, and don't try to verify.

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