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Comment Re:BTW (Score 1) 21

If you go to your journal list do you see a very dark gray gear on the very dark subject line on the journal next to the green "Journal" thing sticking out the side? (obviously not, but it's there. It's also right next to the very dark gray (x) icon to delete it, so clicking blindly is dangerous.) It's fancypants javascript so it may or may not work, it took a few seconds on mine to convert the subject and body fields to inputs I could change (I just tested it on mine, the "Preview" shows me the original post but submitting it saved the edit).

Comment Re:Account should not try to "get knowledgeable" (Score 2) 87

This is absolutely what the programmers need. Someone who can explain domain knowledge and how they expect to use the software without starting to go off on about how you can just use a database widget to manipulate the numbers here in that java thingy. If I was going to write accounting software, I don't need someone telling me what library function to use to calculate interest, I need someone to tell me what happens when a user chooses cash basis or accrual basis, and which one is a more likely choice so we can make that the default and save the user a click (or perhaps it is absolutely vital that the user chooses one without simply accepting a default).

The general case of learning to ____ for the purpose of interacting with someone who _____s makes my skin crawl. The accountant should consider this the other way around and ask himself how they'd feel if the programmers started coming up to him to ask if his receivable cash bases are dollar averaged or some other mishmash of terms that will hopefully sound inane to an accountant.

That said, there's nothing wrong with learning to program for the sake of learning to program, and if he was able to bootstrap himself to a level appropriate for the task on hand it would almost certainly be beneficial to himself and his team (unless his team members are paranoid that he's looking to replace them). The main issue is the strain he'd put on the programmers if he tries at too low of a level, and the programmers end up taking time from their actual job function to train him.

Comment Re:Start open from the beginning (Score 1) 316

Last week I opened a .doc file in Word 2010, where someone had tried to pretend Word was excel and made the document be several pages of page-sized tables of data. In "compatibility mode" the second table appeared on top of the first table on the first page (I could grab it and drag it back to the blank second page, thankfully it wasn't behind the first table)

There's plenty of anecdotes of fucked up shit office suites do as well as fucked up shit users do in their office suites (I guarantee you that all the "repagination" people had to spend 15 minutes a day on was thanks to people hitting enter over and over to get to the next page instead of page-breaking.)

Comment Bought RedHat 4.2 myself, sometime around 97 or 98 (Score 1) 136

I had considered slackware but I didn't have enough floppy disks and it seemed like a huge waste of time and money to buy all the floppies then download them over 28.8k when the cd in my awesome new tower was faster. Don't remember how much I paid for the box with CDs in it, but I still have the CDs somewhere.

I discovered Debian when redhat's 5.0->6.0 (libc5->glibc2) upgrade went completely fubar. I have an installation (of Theseus) that started as Hamm (Debian 2.0, which was already glibc2) and has been successfully upgraded ever since then, thanks in no small part to the wonders that are dselect and apt-get, which was light years beyond anything redhat had for RPM way back then (which way back then was "download all the rpms and rpm -i *.rpm")

Comment Re:Get Self-Employed (Score 1) 268

Oh, and of course, I forget what every other person who tries to start a company forgets: Marketing. Your salesperson probably can't build a webpage or do SEO or design a slick brochure to hand out to prospects. Better hire someone to do those too.

Better move fast, your seed money is burning.... wait, what do you mean you don't have half a million dollars in savings from your last job to throw at this one?

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