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Comment Re:The 0.01% (Score 1) 216

You will need to convince them your future earnings would be negatively impacted if you fail

That requires convincing?

I doubt you are in a position to negotiate such a contract

No problem! Let me propose a slate of my best friends to be the board members who vote on the contract. Do you agree? Yes/Abstain (I voted Yes)

Comment Re:You don't get it, do you? (Score 3, Funny) 345

I expect they'll protect the NSA Key about as well as they managed to protect the TSA Key to everyone's luggage. Probably less so, because having a copy of the TSA Key just lets you steal people's underwear and the occasional camera. Having a copy of the NSA Key will give you access to every bank and email account in America which makes it a much, much more attractive target.

Comment It's called broken shit, is what it is (Score 0) 71

Go ahead and mod this rant off topic, I'm out of shits to give today. I had to spend 20 minutes writing this out to burn off the rage I built up so I could go back to what I was doing before I had to spend an hour on the phone helping my mother (who I love dearly and can not rage at). And then I had to find a slashdot article so I could post this where it would be at least tangentially related to whatever was being discussed so that everyone else can witness what complete and utter fail Microsoft has become.


Do not turn your fucking broken shit back on UNTIL YOU FIX IT. I had better shit to do with my evening then try to talk my mother through the services control panel (with the screen flashing black and closing every window and menu every 3 seconds!) to turn off YOUR SHIT which YOU TURNED BACK ON in this last update after I disabled the service at Christmas.

Thank God the run prompt still has "msconfig" left over from when we ran it then. Do you have any idea how hard it is to type when you've got only a second or so to click in the box and type a few letters before it all disappears again, using a trackpad? Got to the services tab, got the services sorted by name and the Windows Error Reporting Service is unchecked, but is running anyway. WHAT THE FUCK IS A DISABLED SERVICE DOING RUNNING?

Oh joy! After 30 minutes of trying to get my mother to type "services.msc" really fast she finally got into the services control panel and when she tries to stop the service (that she has confirmed is set to Manual start (it was Disabled when I left) and is not a dependency of any other service so FUCK YOU for starting it automatically on boot!), she gets an error that the service can't be stopped. FUCK. YOU.

I ended up spending another 30 minutes trying to get to some way to run services.msc as administrator so we can disable the service while hoping to God that Microsoft hadn't fucked that shit up too. Couldn't use the start menu to right click services.msc, couldn't use the file explorer to right click services.msc. Finally managed to get the secret menu (Win+X) open and my mom fast enough to click the admin command prompt so we could run services.msc as administrator (at least the command prompt doesn't close itself when the shell crashes and restarts).

So we finally got the damn Reporting Service shut off so shit stops blinking, and decide it's time to remove Windows 10. Except apparently if it's been more than a month, Microsoft removes the option to downgrade. I guess they figure if they sucker you into thinking they'll stop shitting up your computer for a month, you won't miss windows 8 when it's gone.

I guess I'll hear back once Microsoft decides to un-disable the service AGAIN and fuck her laptop up AGAIN.

Thanks, Microsoft. So now I've wasted over an hour of my weekend on your complete bullshit. Windows 10 is clearly not ready for the desktop and I sincerely doubt it will ever be.

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