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Comment Hooked too... (Score 2) 110

Loved Snow Crash, liked Crypto and Reamde, but the Baroque Cycle was a bit too dense for me, and I bought Anathema without ever opening it. I hadn't planned on getting into Seveneves unless the reviews were glowing, but the first 26 pages were a quick and compelling tease, enough to sell me. I'll get this on Audible, too. Smart move, making the first hit free, Neal!

Comment It's mathematically impossible. (Score 4, Informative) 736

See and

(No, I'm not being serious. The topic just reminded me of when I once jokingly justified a poorly estimated ETA on a "simple" development project by referencing the above paper.)

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 733

Forcing breeders out of the city and making it inconvenient to buy pets locally will also encourage people to consider the reasons that is being done. I am not familiar with any other significantly effective way at educating the masses about the pros and cons of shelters vs. breeders. It's not a black and white issue. Many shelter animals are not problem-free, and many pet owners and breeders are responsible pet caregivers. Without actually working in an animal shelter and personally euthanizing scores of otherwise-adoptable animals, I don't know how the "average" person could be convinced that shelter animals are often just as loving and healthy (if not healthier) than animals bred for purchase.

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