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Comment Re:it's already here! (Score 1) 484

I meant sharing bandwidth, CPU cycles, memory.... Like I'd like all my devices to be one big super computer with local interfaces. So I could play GTA on my weak android tablet, for instance. I'm always frustrated at the slowness of my old work laptop when it's less than 2 feet away from my brand new i7 with 16gb of ram.

Comment Hooked too... (Score 2) 110

Loved Snow Crash, liked Crypto and Reamde, but the Baroque Cycle was a bit too dense for me, and I bought Anathema without ever opening it. I hadn't planned on getting into Seveneves unless the reviews were glowing, but the first 26 pages were a quick and compelling tease, enough to sell me. I'll get this on Audible, too. Smart move, making the first hit free, Neal!

Comment Re:My wife has a gen 1 Surface Pro ... (Score 2) 136

How did the metro interface get in the way? With Windows 8.1.1, desktop stays in desktop. Did your wife only ever use 8.0? (if so that would explain a lot).

I find Win8.1.1 to be quite functional, usable, stable, and productive. I freely admit that 8.0 was kind of annoying unless you wanted to spend a fair amount of time tweaking and climbing a learning curve. But Win8.1.1 (without any Start8 crutches required) works pretty well.

Comment Re:Quick conclusion (Score 1) 136

OSX has no touch screen, no touch capabilities at all, and no direct pen-on-screen support either. For artists that want to sketch on the go, or for students who want to take notes in classes like math where hand-writing is far superior to keyboard, the Mac Air just isn't nearly as good as the SP3. SP3 is lighter and thinner with extra capabilities, and costs about the same. The main drawbacks are the "lapability" (ugh) and keyboard quality... Air definitely wins there. I'd say a writer/blogger would be better off with an Air. But there are definitely niches where the SP3 is just a no-brainer... a great device.

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