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Comment: Re:NO. (Score 1) 646

by SpryGuy (#43124833) Attached to: Is Daylight Saving Time Worth Saving?

I still don't know why everyone attacks DST.

It's "Standard Time" that sucks. It gets light too early and dark too early.

If we just stay on DST year-round, and call THAT "standard time" (or, just "time"), that'd be fine, but I bristle at the suggestion we should be on standard time year-round. Ugh. I'd hate that immensely.

Comment: Re:I know it's trendy to bash Microsoft here... (Score 1) 476

by SpryGuy (#42465305) Attached to: Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone

Neither stupid nor ignorant. If you don't think Android is a "me-too" copy of iOS, your'e the ignorant/stupid one. It's the same philosophy.

WP8 is not only a different take, it IS good. In many ways it is/was better (both iOS and Android have copied features/abilities that first appeared in WP7 and now WP8). You speak like somone with absolutely no experience with either platform (you've just heard some bashing, and have chosen to go along with that, because your hatred of MS trumps all other considerations).

Surface/Win8/WP8 all show innovation. For you to ask "What innovation ahs come out of MS" shows extreme ignorance or willfully stupidity on your part, imho.

Comment: Re:Damn Microsoft (Score 2) 176

by SpryGuy (#42462841) Attached to: Nokia N9: the World's Most Underrated Smartphone?

I just don't see myself buying into anyone's Walled Garden much less the MS version.

And that's fine if that's your choice. I'm talking about the hardware, and that the OS itself doesn't suck at all.

And I have a free copy of Visual Studio for Windows Phone, and can side load any app I want to develop myself (and I do). So it's not *entirely* walled garden from my perspective.

But my point was that nothing "ruined Nokia". It's good, solid hardware, with a decent OS, that deserves to catch on at least as much as iOS, and that 3-way competition in this space is a Good Thing(tm).

I just think you (and others, including the original parent I originally replied to) are being a bit unfair to Nokia and WP8. If WP8 doesn't meet your needs/wants/desires, that's fine. But it's not "crap" any more than iOS or Android is. And the N9 running Meego might be awesome, but it simply doesn't have a future (I doubt Meego would have competed all that well in a full 4-way race, any more than Palm Pre did... even if HP didn't grossly mishandle it... hell WP8 is going to have a serious struggle at this point). And a Linux Phone might be popular in this forum, but I can't really imagine it being any more than a niche player in the greater consumer world.

Comment: Re:Damn Microsoft (Score -1) 176

by SpryGuy (#42462111) Attached to: Nokia N9: the World's Most Underrated Smartphone?

It's not bullshit really. Yeah, there are screens with a higher pixel count, but that's not the end-all, be-all of screen. This one can be used with gloves, and has an amazing refresh rate, and really bold colors, as well as having a higher pixel-density than the iPhone 4/4s's retina screen.

And I'm not just shilling. I'm giving my honest opinion as a user of both the iPhone 4, and now the Nokia 920. I cannot speak for other phones.

Comment: I know it's trendy to bash Microsoft here... (Score 1) 476

by SpryGuy (#42461709) Attached to: Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone

...but let's be honest: They're behaving better than Google and Apple these days. Google left the "Don't Be Evil" philosophy behind quite a while ago. Apple is coasting. MS is innovating, regardless of what you actually think of their products.

Personally, I'd rather there be a good 3-way race/competition, with everyone pushing everyone else. If it's an iOS/Android duopoly, it'll be kind of boring, since once is basically a copy of the other. At least WP8 dares to be different.

Comment: Ironic doesn't mean false (Score 1) 373

by SpryGuy (#42022711) Attached to: Microsoft Complains That WebKit Breaks Web Standards

The source makes it ironic.

But it does not mean it's untrue.

The statement is valid, regardless of who is making it. And as ironic as it is, given Microsoft's history, they have to be given at least a little credit for some of their most recent work at being standards compliant, and contributing to the standards process. Even if you don't always agree with their decisions, they're certainly better than they used to be.

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