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Comment: Dunno (Score 2) 258

by Cro Magnon (#46781055) Attached to: I expect to retire ...

I'm already too late for the first two options. In theory, I could retire in my mid 50s, which is drawing dangerously close, but I don't think I will. I should have enough by mid 60s, assuming Congress doesn't raid my 401K, Social Security still exists, and the entire economy hasn't collapsed. Hmm, now I'm depressed. :(

Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 791

3) Alpha males who think they have something to prove, since they were alpha males, I generally didn't bother trying to make friends out of these guys, they always turned me off anyways

I never had much trouble with the alpha males. The ones I knew had better things to do than push around geeks half their size. Most of my problems were with the wanna-bes. They weren't big enough or strong enough to compete with the alphas, but they were bigger than I was.

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