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Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 648

I got pulled over for speeding, expired plates (registration) and expired inspection.
I was polite, the officer was polite, he gave me a ticket for a speed within the range to have it dismissed through defensive driving (I was going a bit faster than that) and allowed me to pull the current documents out of my glove box to avoid the plates and inspection charges.

It was like he was doing his job.

Funny that, I broke the law and he was nice to me.

Hmmm, maybe because I was polite.

I had a similar experience. A cop pulled me over for expired plates. He was polite enough, but during a long wait while he was checking my license, another cop car rolled up, presumably backup in case I wasn't polite. I thought it was overkill, but I understand why he did it.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 1) 317

Another problem is that good tracking doesn't help if the advertiser is stupid. If I've just bought a car, it's probably a waste of time showing me a bunch of ads for the very car I just bought. Even if I like pig butts (to use the other guy's example), I don't want them shoved at me every time I get online!

Comment Re:Don't contact aliens. Don't. (Score 1) 186

There are at least two compelling reasons for any advanced technological species to conquer or eliminate us:

1) Remove a potential threat or competitor. Given the aggressive tendencies of humanity, preemptive containment or extermination is entirely rational.

We're about as threatening to anyone capable of interstellar travel as an ocean jellyfish is to someone in Missouri. I could see them keeping an eye on us and making sure we don't get the capability of leaving our solar system until we get our violence under control, but otherwise, why would they bother.

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