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Comment founder left tivo (Score 1) 84

I had a meeting with James Barton (former CEO of Tivo and main inventor on their original patents), and he said they didn't implement commercial skipping and all the other features that ReplayTV (sending shows over the internet, etc) had because they didn't want to be sued.

Barton left Tivo a few years back and I guess the new leadership isn't worried about that stuff anymore.

Comment Re:This shows exactly why most Americans... (Score 1) 279


You NEED paid TV in some form.

You NEED a new smartphone.

You NEED a smartphone plan.

You NEED to go to a private 4 year college.

You NEED a new car.

You NEED to eat out.

Or substitute NEED with DESERVE.

Err.. those are want's not needs.

If you can live frugally you can save for the future, be happy, and enjoy a secure lifestyle.

Comment Re:This article is ridiculous (Score 1) 279

I use mine until its broken or needs a new battery.

I'm also super frugal and live a lifestyle that most people would prefer not to in order to gain capital for business ventures.

I don't "need" flashy and shiny new things all the time nor do I use apps on my smartphones other than included ones.

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