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Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 64

Iracing+occuus+force feedback felt pretty darn real, since I've done trackdays on some of the same tracks that are present in i-racing (and I-racing laser scans the tracks they model so you feel all the same bumps).

You got the sense of speed that you don't get when viewing the track on the display which made it way easier to judge turn in/apex/exits.

Comment Re: Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

Full auto is only really good at suppression, and mass fire. For the individual, a semi auto and accuracy is superior. IR and night vision scopes are legally purchasable by the public.

His 90 minute rampage killed 14 people and injured 32 more largely using a bolt action hunting rifle and shooting from long distances from the top of a clock tower.

Attacks like his are infrequent, but can cause far more panic over a wider area. For example, the DC area spent 3 weeks in a panic as the DC sniper killed 10 people.

Using a bolt action rifle rather than a semi-auto would have had the same effect.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 140

Barnes and Nobles buy 1 get 1 50% off on collectible classics (their fancy leatherbound editions of classic literature), in conjunction with 30% off one item isn't bad.

There are some decent firearms deals out there, but for electronics, other than some deals at costco, there's not much to be excited about.

Comment Re:WTF is with the US utility tie-in? (Score 1) 156

Check out

In all, 1,616 stores were damaged in looting and rioting. A total of 1,037 fires were responded to, including 14 multiple-alarm fires. In the largest mass arrest in city history, 3,776 people were arrested. Many had to be stuffed into overcrowded cells, precinct basements and other makeshift holding pens. A congressional study estimated that the cost of damages amounted to a little over $300 million.

The blackout ultimately shone a spotlight on some of the city’s long-overlooked shortcomings, from glaring flaws in the power network to the much deeper-rooted issues of racial inequality and the suffering of the “American underclass,” as TIME dubbed it. Some saw the worsening circumstances — and institutional neglect — of this group of people as the key to the differences between the two New York blackouts. The ’77 blackout presented a rare opportunity for the powerless minority to suddenly seize power, TIME concluded, quoting the head of the National Urban League as saying, “[The underclass] in a crisis feels no compulsion to abide by the rules of the game because they find that the normal rules do not apply to them.”

Comment no not 31% (Score 1) 469

There is only 2 tasks the female integrated units did better according to the report summary linked to above, but they don't say what they were. Male only units did better on 93 of 134. That means there were 29 where there was even performance.

I'd like to see the results with women who made if through the training schools first, and finding out how many women dropped. As I recall some women have made it through enlisted marine infantry training, but not many, and with higher rates of injury.

Comment Re:political correctness alert (Score 1) 469

No of course it isn't the only indicator, but what is the weight of a combat load? M4+body armour+ammo+backpack+radio+etc? Larger men have an easier time carrying and distriubuting that load compared to smaller men let alone women of equal weight to a smaller man. Meaning they are less fatigued on patrol, and need fewer re-supplies leading to longer times in the field.

This is a logistical factor, meaning they can bring more firepower in terms of larger ammo loads, and ability to bring in crew served weapons in combat.

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