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Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 173

This is true of arbitrage . . . in general

I disagree with this point.

Arbitrage increases demand in the market that the arbitrageur is buying from, and increases supply in the market he is selling to. This has the effect of flattening prices and moving product to correct market imbalances. Over time, any remaining delta in the prices of that commodity on those two markets is going to be close to the arbitrageur's costs.

Comment Re:Somebody should track the Maryland AG's locatio (Score 4, Informative) 171

Your suggested interval is too much work, BUT...

If someone were to figure out the MAC address of his cell phone's WiFi interface (assuming it isn't an Apple that scrambles MAC addresses), a volunteer-run network of consumer-grade routers scattered around the city could get a pretty good fix on his location. I'm using the term 'network' very loosely here, of course; it's a network in that they're affiliated, not in that they're functionally connected. It would be 100% legal and inexpensive to do.

Comment Re:Europe (Score 1) 160

Refrigerators don't need internet access period.

I have to agree with you 100%, and it's a pity you posted AC, since some would not have seen the remark. No, refrigerators do not need to be networked. We do not need refrigerators with 21.5" 1080p displays and camers. Heaven help us if it also has a microphone.

Regardless. 802.11ah is interesting for range, not speed. You get better distance on 900 MHz than 2.4 GHz.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 1) 585

Liberals are all about freedom, expression, tolerance, etc. until you do or say something that they don't like.

And conservatives are all about small government until it's time to tell someone how to live their life.

The left/right bullshit is designed to take your eye off the ball. This is about control versus freedom.

Comment Re:Wasn't one of the other concerns (Score 2) 151

Like the AC pointed out . . . poorly . . . "diesel gas" is a bad term. Diesel and gasoline are two different fuels, and the terms are mutually exclusive.

That said, I agree with you about safety, even more so. Diesel is significantly safer to store than gasoline. It is significantly less volatile, and while the fumes from it can ignite, it is really difficult to get them to do so accidentally. Except in the presence of fertilizer, diesel is generally not explosive. While you can light a puddle of gasoline with a match easily and accidentally, you will need to take significant effort to light a puddle of diesel.

Obviously, a leak is still a potential problem, but the first concerns most people have are not going to be issues.

Comment Re:Most places that would be illegal (Score 1) 602

Why the excuse? "No!" should be sufficient. As I do not work for that company anymore, that isn't unreasonable.

I suspect that it is necessary to sign the agreement if you want to collect your severance package. Want to leave three months pay on the table?

That said, I would consider a duress defense.

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