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I do, but I have it in the contract that I won't accommodate such requests, nor will I play a CD/DVD/other media that someone brings me during the gig because you never know when it's going to be scratched in just the wrong place, or a copy of a 24kbps flange-a-thon.

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I am a DJ who frequently plays gigs in places aptly described as "out in the middle of nowhere". As a reference, the last two gigs both involved a client telling me, "If you need more power, let me know. I'll go get the generator". I sent an SMS to my wife at the start of my most recent gig, and it got to her when I got back in range, an hour an a half after I left. Connectivity is zero. If I need connectivity to play it, I can't play it. I will be happy to tell anyone at the gig why I can't play it.

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VNC might be really slow over dialup though, you'd need to use Tight encoding with JPEG quality cranked all the way down to make it usable at all.

I will admit to trying such stupidity and confirm that this is true. Watching a screen refresh, even when using -compresslevel 9 and -bgr233 is very painful over dialup. Try to avoid it if at all possible.

SSH, OTOH, is fairly usable by dialup.

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