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Comment: Re:Do you trust the company? (Score 1) 309

by drinkypoo (#49168911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Does One Verify Hard Drive Firmware?

Yeah, it's not like open source software like glibc was recently found to be vulnerable.....

The obligatory rebuttal is obviously to question what vulnerabilities are in closed libcs that we're simply not finding? How do you know there aren't more? Sacrificed a chicken this morning?

Comment: Re:But can it protect users against the Stingray? (Score 2) 53

Yes, it will protect you. The government will still be able to intercept and listen to your calls, data and text, but they will be encrypted and they will not be able to know what you were talking about.

But if you just have mobile data, you can do all that now with a typical Android phone without even installing additional software.* Just configure IPSEC to encrypt your SIP communications (you're going to need someplace for them to go, with IPSEC, that's your problem) and then configure the SIP phone to connect to your server, and finally make your calls via SIP. If you want to go WiFi-only, you can disable the cellular antenna for added security (or just buy a device without cell support in the first place, obviously.)

* My SIP settings went missing. They're not where they're supposed to be. Moto G, 5.0.2.

Comment: Re:5% Gross is a terrible deal (Score 2) 117

by drinkypoo (#49168143) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

I think the reason minecraft was/is so successful is that the UI is shitty,

The UI is one of the better things about the game. The absolutely horrible performance is more what I'm talking about. Whether it can or can't be blamed on Java is academic (and thus perfect slashdot-fodder, but anyway) but the game runs like poop. There are numerous clones which don't, but ironically none of them have UI as good as minecraft. Which, I know, is shocking. But it's still true.

Comment: Re:5% Gross is a terrible deal (Score 5, Insightful) 117

by drinkypoo (#49167019) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

That's why Notch wrote his own engine for Minecraft and sold Mojang for $2.5 billion.

Oh wait ... maybe success is not only a factor of the engine, but _gameplay_.

You left out the really critical part of your argument, which is that Notch wrote a shitty new engine, and still made billions. It wasn't even a competent job.

Comment: Re: Open source it (Score 1) 30

by drinkypoo (#49166999) Attached to: Jolla Partners With SSH To Create Sailfish Secure

I'll quote it for you, since you seem to have some sort of a disability that prevents you from finding in on your own:

Oh no, I did read it already. You seem to have a disability that leads you to assign meaning to things which have none. See, there's also plenty of cases where they can't license the source code. For example, Google won't be finding bugs in Microsoft's code any time soon, unless it's something they've open sourced. Which they've been doing lately. Which suggests that even Microsoft is beginning to get what you still can't comprehend. Disability, indeed.

Comment: Re:The idea was a good one, the execution poor (Score 2) 191

by drinkypoo (#49166743) Attached to: That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was

Did it matter that they used it? They used it to give you a free gift. Why is this a major problem?

Yeah, just like when your dog leaves you a "gift" on your favorite rug. Why is this a major problem?

It's been a long time since people who have never heard of U2 before wanted to hear U2. A long, long time.

Comment: Re: Open source it (Score 2) 30

by drinkypoo (#49166721) Attached to: Jolla Partners With SSH To Create Sailfish Secure

That's the GP's point. It wasn't you or any other average user who found the OpenSSL bugs. It was researchers working for large companies.

Right, and the point of the person to whom you were replying is that it actually happened, and was possible. Unlike with closed source, where it couldn't have happened at all.

Comment: Re:Make it DARKER dammit. (Score 1) 218

by drinkypoo (#49163301) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

TNG is very different to TOS. TNG is soporific by comparison, its characters are too sanitized, and its universe is too disinfected.

Yeah, it's fine once you learn to avoid the rape gangs.

Wake up, that's a bunch of bullshit, we just happen to be following the shiniest crew in the fleet. Hell, they intended to make the Ferengi sophont-eaters originally.

Comment: Re:Time for the mega screens (Score 1) 162

by drinkypoo (#49163125) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Whiteboard Substitutes For Distributed Teams?

Here is a relatively economical digitizer($600) that just connects to any tv/projector:

Requires a special pen, expensive and easy to misplace, cleaning lady hides it, etc.

Here is a $500 projector that supports a light pen:

It's too bad they give absolutely zero details about the light pen on the page. They just say it exists. Won't even show it to you. I'm guessing this is also shit.

Real multitouch digitizers which attach to a display cost a lot more than the display. You want people to be happy with crappy alternatives. If they were good, they'd already be widely adopted.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.