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Comment: Policy (Score 4, Interesting) 300

by Patik (#37154370) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Wi-Fi Solution For a Hotel?
The best hotel wifi experiences have been when I was given the SSID and (simple) password at check-in and, most importantly, the signal reached my room. There's nothing worse than having to go down the hall every time you want a signal, and many people will have smartphones so don't make the password 20 digits.

Radiohead Helps Fans Make Crowd-Sourced Live Show DVD 103

Posted by Soulskill
from the welcome-to-the-riaa's-hitlist dept.
Kilrah_il writes "After having a go with a Name-Your-Price album and an open-source video, Radiohead is again breaking new ground, this time with a fan-based initiative. A group of fans went to one of the band's shows in Prague, each shooting the show from a different angle. By editing it all together and adding audio from the original masters provided by the band, they have created a video of the show that is 'Strictly not for sale — By the fans for the fans,' adding, 'Please share and enjoy.' Can this be the future of live show videos?"

Comment: Re:Tethering (Score 1) 126

by Patik (#33229394) Attached to: Audi A8 Gets Factory Integrated Mobile Hotspot

It's still a good thing because car features tend to work their way down from luxury vehicles to "average joe" vehicles over time. Remember when only luxury cars had power windows or remote controls for (un)locking? Now those are a given in all but the most basic models. Sure, it'll take years, but at least it's beginning.

Eventually another manufacturer will want to make their semi-luxury car look like an Audi A8 and they'll add wifi. Then a slightly cheaper car than that will want to appear to be a good value, so they'll throw in "Audi features" for the same price (and these hotspots can't be that expensive when bought in bulk compared to the overall cost of the car), and so on.

Comment: Re:Why is this alarming? (Score 2, Insightful) 490

by Patik (#33017138) Attached to: Survey Says Most iPhone Users Love AT&T

What a load of crap. It's impossible to come up with any sort of 'translation' without knowing what question was asked of the pollees. If it was "when you buy your next phone, will it be the same one (iPhone/Android)?" then your rewording would be entirely false.

You're also insinuating that 77% of iPhone users are numbskulls who will just keep buying iPhones until Apple makes a 'good' one, in their eyes, while Android users are much more thoughtful and bright. As much as slashdotters love to drag out that old joke, you know it's ridiculous.

Additionally, it's laughable to assume that any smartphone owner who is happy with their current phone will never buy an updated model in the future. I'm guessing you were happy with your PC in 1995 -- do you still use that PC as your main machine, or have you upgraded since then?

Comment: Re:soooo? (Score 2, Informative) 472

by Patik (#32074136) Attached to: IE Market Share Falls To Historic Low
You can attach multiple event handlers very easily, since at least IE6.

document.attachEvent('onload',function1); document.attachEvent('onload',function2); document.attachEvent('onload',function3);

Or to a particular element:

myElem.attachEvent('onclick',function1); myElem.attachEvent('onclick',function2); myElem.attachEvent('onmouseover',function3); myElem.attachEvent('onmouseout',function4);

Of course you have to use a bit of object detection to determine whether to use attachEvent or addEventListener, but a function that handles that for all browsers is one of the first things I paste into my code. Then it's just a simple myAddEventFunction(HTMLelement,'click',functionName); and who cares what browser that runs in.

Comment: Re:I don't see the issue... (Score 1) 313

by Patik (#31557602) Attached to: Every British Citizen To Have a Personal Webpage
And then you get the paycheck for your roadkill job and remember how much you got paid for aligning pixels on a TPS report. Money isn't everything, no, but if you intend to have a job that stays out of the way and enables you to persue real hobbies in your free time, then you need the money to support those hobbies.

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