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Comment: Re:Pretty stupid politicians (Score 1) 33

by drinkypoo (#49749487) Attached to: Security Researchers Wary of Wassenaar Rules

You probably can't even list the apps installed on your laptop, let alone want to uninstall and reinstall them later. You're not 'pretty stupid' for that, its normal.

Uh, what? I most certainly can list the apps installed on my laptop, in a variety of ways. What kind of moron are you that you can't?

Comment: What does that even mean (Score 3, Insightful) 90

Less mass beneath my feet? That depends very much on how you measure "beneath", right? I'd argue that if your load is being distributed into something, it's beneath you. If I'm standing on a mountain which is sufficiently sharply pointed, then almost the entire mountain might be engaged in supporting my weight — cue fat jokes. But anything it's standing on is going to be the same thing, so wouldn't that make it more mass "beneath" my feet?

Anyway, I RTFA (my geek card is in the mail, it should be back at the processing facility shortly) and the article is all gushily excited that "thereâ(TM)s far more crust underneath the mountains than there is in the oceans!" Wait, was this a surprise to anyone? Mountains happen when earth gets shoved up into the air. They're not pimples.

So in short, the article comes to completely the opposite conclusion of the truth: they say that "if you wanted the least amount of mass beneath your feet, youâ(TM)d climb up to the peak of the highest mountain" when in fact, there is more mass beneath your feet if you stand on a mountain than if you stand on the seabed or in a valley, because of all the mass that by definition can't be beneath your feet if you're standing at a lower altitude.

Comment: Re:Yes & the sheer amount of existing code/fra (Score 4, Interesting) 383

by AuMatar (#49745507) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Totally disagree. If I see

for(int i: items) {

I know exactly what it does. Anyone who has done any programming in any language can guess what it does. Its simple, easy to read, and if you want can be pulled into a function. Your haskell and Python implementations are unreadable and requires the user to think about each line. They're inferior to straight forward programming by orders of magnitude and should never be used.

Comment: Re: This would be a first post... (Score 1) 156

if you had any sense at all for the most part you wouldn't have even needed an antivirus especially back then even though it was the wild west and all...

You're a nutter, you are. AVP was actually catching virii for me, so I know it was valuable. Haven't had a valid detection in years, but I still run antivirus... because now I have multicore and SSD and the penalty is low.

Comment: Re:This would be a first post... (Score 1) 156

I remember when AVP came out, it was both the fastest and best NT antivirus around.

Then they made a few "updates" and we started calling it "a v poo" (IT nerds are known for their maturity) because it would choke your system like a punk.

It's sad that they're still not capable of making an antivirus product that doesn't turn your awesomesauce PC into a turd.