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Comment: Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 88

Shouldn't 'uncertainty' and 'risk' be detrimental to the value of anything that is subject to it
Not necessarily. Many financial instruments are inversely price sensitive to risk. Although why a bit coind exchange rate for hard currency would be so is a mystery.

It appears to me that BitCoin is one of the most irrational products of technology of recent times
Appearances can be deceptive. Watch and learn.

Comment: Re:Not more solar energy!! (Score 4, Insightful) 262

by OneSmartFellow (#47261635) Attached to: Elon Musk's Solar City Is Ramping Up Solar Panel Production
The sun is the BEST source of power there is. It powers all life on this planet.

The problem is not the power source, it's how to store it. Plants do that pretty well, our problem is we're inneficient at extracting that power to produce electricty.

Luckily we're highly efficient at extracting it to produce body heat.

Comment: What kind of crap software... (Score 0) 564

...starts out a system update with a format C: command under any circumstance?

Answer...presumably any Windows based *&^% that gets sold into Universities. Why wasn't the development of such a tool a graduate research project ?

I wish I had the chutzpah to sell such junk, I'd be a freaking billionaire by now too. Instead, my software is bulletproof, but it sells for pennies per seat. I guess I missed the big picture. Oh well, at least I have a clean conscience.

Comment: Good intentions, bad implementation (Score 1) 115

by OneSmartFellow (#44945437) Attached to: Mozilla Plan Seeks To Debug Scientific Code
Having seen some code written by an esteemed Bio-Chemist, I agree that experienced programmers should be reviewing their code, but then, you'd expect a true scientist to have an expert review his stuff anyway.

My experience was a real eye opener. Between the buffer overruns, and logic holes, I am amazed the crap ran at all. The fact that it compiled was a bit of a mystery until I realized that it was possible to ignore compile errors.

Comment: Ummmm.... (Score 1) 410

by OneSmartFellow (#44902049) Attached to: The last time I used a dial-up modem was...
Almost everyone posting from home who claims to not be using a dial-up modem is woefully ignorant of how their internet connection is working. The only difference between broadband (DSL anyway) and "Dial-Up" is the frequency used.

Broadband still uses the PSTN, (with some rather insignificant exceptions) and still uses a phone number - and the same call routing infrastructure - to initiate a call to the ISP to begin the broadband session.

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by OneSmartFellow (#43912457) Attached to: Why Your Users Hate Agile
New being the new euphemism for something that's been around for over a decade, and stinks as much as it's parent, Rapid Application Development, born in the 80's.

Why does it stink ? Because it's implemented by mindless low level managers who fail to understand the point, and asked for by foolish high-level managers who are too impatient to let it produce the results it claims to produce. Meanwhile, the poor slobs working within its constraints get to attend "scrums" where they get to stand around during the most productive time of the day, explaining to their colleagues what they would be working on if they were at their desk.

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by OneSmartFellow (#43422577) Attached to: Open Source Radeon Gallium3D OpenCL Stack Adds Bitcoin Mining
Hmm, let's test your thesis the really simple way

Dollars/Euros/Rand in a rational market would cost only as much as they cost to make with perhaps a small premium.

Lesson: A medium of exchange (aka currency) is NOT necessarily a commodity.

Scarcity of the commodity vs. demand for the commodity drives the market price up or down in a rational market. I wonder if increased competition will do that to this market as more and more way to mine get distributed. I doubt it though, but time will pop the bubble anyway.

Lesson: I produce very few boogers, so they are scarce, BUT, importantly, there is to my knowledge zero demand for my boogers, so they have no value whatsoever. The number of bitcoins that will ever exist is finite (21,000,000), if the demand for them goes up, so will their price (or "value" if you wish to call it that).

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