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Comment: This is indeed a winnable race (Score 1) 149

by OneSmartFellow (#49378283) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's Going To Win the Malware Arms Race?
The issue is, under what circumstances is it worthwhile to spend time writing a virus/trojan/whatever.

Clearly financial gain is THE prime motivator, although notoriety is a close second - mostly because it leads to money.

The war, though, is certainly winnable. The idea of certified manifests is getting close to the solution - there is certainly more work and thought to be applied to that though.

End user expectation management is in order too. The days of downloading software are coming to a close. I really don't see the need for most devices to have this functionality. Downloading from a known trusted source is one thing. Downloading from user configurable sources is mostly stupid - since the vast majority of users are simply too stupid to make good decisions.

Comment: Most degrees from India... (Score 5, Insightful) 264

... are bogus as far as I can tell.

I've worked with plenty of Indian engineers (mechanical, electronic, and software) over the past 30+ years, and my general impression is that at least 50% have no knowledge of the subject matter at all. As far as I could tell they simply purchased a document claiming they had a degree. So, this appears to be just another example.

Comment: Re:could be right (Score 2) 353

Indeed, my feelings exactly.

For my generation it was too much TV causing these issues.

What I see now are children who have zero social skills because their parents don't enforce any minimum standard of behavior. They get nowhere near enough exercise, nowhere near enough unsupervised time to just be kids and do stupid shit, far too much poor quality food, and are completely over-indulged.

My kids weren't allowed in the house after school unless it was pissing it down with rain, in which case, they were expected to be doing their homework. They had real chores to do from an early age including mowing the lawn, folding laundry, sweeping the floor, etc. I see none of this happening any more in any of my neighbours houses.

You simply can't let children do anything they want, all the time. Children need rules, and they need to do productive work too.

Comment: WTF is "doxxing" (Score 1) 467

Dox, Doxxed, doxxing.

Yet another made up word, where an existing word is already available, widely used, and only a few millimeters longer.

While I can appreciate that stories on slashdot have to keep up with the times, that doesn't mean Headlines should contain uncommon/unnecessarily stupid/undefined words. That just makes slashdot look more stupid than it (usually) already does.

Comment: What I 'took away' from that story (Score 1) 217

My over-all impression is of a typical fool who thought (maybe still thinks) that he's the next Steve Wozniac, but in fact had none of the knowledge, or ability that The Woz had at that age.

Anybody can come up with a cool idea for a cutting edge product. Hell, I do it daily.
The reality is, there is a big difference between an idea and a product.

Yes, it is important to try something new. It's also important to have a reality check. Small steps people !

+ - Android phone completely disabled after receiving an international call

Submitted by OneSmartFellow
OneSmartFellow (716217) writes "I was out with friends on Friday evening when I received an international phone call from a +7 phone number. It's not at all unusual for me to receive international phone calls, but, I'll admit I have never receievd one from the +7 dialing code. I answered the call, and I could only hear myself speaking. I hung up, and my phone immediately shut off. All attempts to power it back on have failed. I have tried removing the battery, and booting into recovery mode. Phone is a Nexus S with Cyanogenmod installed. It is now a paperweight. I presume I have been hacked somehow. Is there any way to recover from this experience ?"

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein