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Comment Definition: Stupid (Score 1) 176 176

"lacking intelligence or common sense."

It is definitely common sense not to send $300,000 to a person one has never met face-to-face who claims to be taken ill in Ghana.

Sorry, that is almost a textbook example of lack of common sense, and therefore qualifies as S T U P I D

Comment I always assumed that (Score 4, Funny) 212 212

loading all this crap was tolerated by Microsoft because it was the main impetus for people buying new PCs.

Now that Android is taking over the personal OS landscape, and PC sales are dropping, MS doesn't gain as much as they used to, and now actually feels the pain from allowing this to happen, they decide to remove them.

Comment Re:it's not "slow and calculated torture" (Score 2, Insightful) 743 743

You forgot about the recent elections where Greece elected a government who ran on an anti-austerity (pro-communist) platform, just at the time when austerity was starting to actually work for their economy. The Greek people's propensity to turn to communism whenever they have a financial problem is a bit worrisome, since it shows how clearly deluded they are with respect to how well communistic economies have (and still do) behave.

Comment Re:no future for non-veterans (Score -1, Flamebait) 69 69

Oh, I see, it's you who are a racist.

It never occurred to me that you were making a correlation between Obama being black (which is not only not really true, but also totally irrelevant) and people refusing to enter the armed forces. See, the difference between me and you ( aside from me not being an ass-hat) is that I am essentially color blind. I almost never even consider a persons race as a trait worth mentioning. The whole concept of race - as it is commonly understood by ignoramuses like you - is unscientific, it is only a tool used by weak minds to justify their improper behavior..

Comment Re:no future for non-veterans (Score 1) 69 69

You've lost me with that very obscure argument

Ignoring the fact that there hasn't been a draft since the end of the Vietnam war, how does entering the armed forces infer lack of racism - my experience in the service was that most demographics were fairly well represented (as one would expect), so the population of racists in the forces was - and probably still is - roughly equivalent to the population in civie land.

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