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Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 1) 204

Yeah, you know, I can construct idiotic examples of cases where the government is over-regulating too.
Unfortunately - and despite what you would like to believe - licensing is just as much about consumer protection as it is about taxation. But, hey, you go ahead and drink the snake oil, see if I care.

Comment: Re:Not Really --- And Rooting For This = Horrible (Score 1) 441

by OneSmartFellow (#48828571) Attached to: Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now
Surely this is axiomatic, since the definition of non-renewable indicates there is no way to create more.

However here is your proof.
Let x represent the finite amount of non-renewable energy
Let A represent some non-zero amount of consumption of resource x.
assume: x = x-A
subtract x from both sides
0 = -A
now to make it easier to read
A = -0 = 0
violates the definition of A !


Comment: Re:So the whole world is now like my Mom? (Score 2, Funny) 177

by OneSmartFellow (#48802237) Attached to: The Importance of Deleting Old Stuff
I know, now, that my ex-wife used to make up shit that she would then claim that I said.
I used to think I was insane because I could never remember saying stuff she would claim that I said. Lots of it wouldn't even sound like something I would say, yet she would -supposedly- quote me verbatim.

Bitch !

You have been warned.

Comment: Re:Air-gap. (Score 1) 177

by OneSmartFellow (#48802201) Attached to: The Importance of Deleting Old Stuff

I have every file from every computer system from every OS upgrade/re-install. In Windows the heirarchy looks like this: C:\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c

Oh, I need that file from 1996? Well duh, it's under C:\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c\old c\stuff\ 2001? C:\old c\old c\old c\documents and settings\shakrai\my documents\

Works in Linux too, where it's just /oldroot/oldroot/oldroot/

How idiotic is that.
Why not give them year names or anything/something to help you navigate quickly.
Why struggle with trying to figure out the relative 'old' path. That's just plain dumb.

Comment: Re:Still useful research (Score 1) 224

by OneSmartFellow (#48743879) Attached to: Beware Headlines Saying Chocolate Is Good For You
Actually, it's not how much cocoa solids, but what else goes into the chocolate.

Hershey's produces chocolates with as much as 60% cocoa, other brands have more, including Dante Confections 98% cocoa "Stevia".
It's added ingredients - particularly in Hershey's milk chocolates - which make mass produced American market chocolates taste like, well, almost nothing, or perhaps vomit.

Comment: Re:Few you say? (Score 1) 578

by OneSmartFellow (#48723745) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
....intermediate level of mastery.

I'm fairly certain that you mean a rudimentary level. I've yet to meet anyone who learned a language in a public school in the US (i.e. High School) that could little more than ask for a beer and tell the time in that language.

US public school foreign language courses are a joke, mostly because they start too late - perhaps the 7th grade - whereas English taught in much of Europe starts at kindergarten age.

Comment: The single most significant sentence.. (Score 1) 449

by OneSmartFellow (#48715943) Attached to: How We'll Program 1000 Cores - and Get Linus Ranting, Again
..is this:

The obstacle we shall have to overcome, if we are to successfully program manycore systems, is our cherished assumption that we write programs that always get the exactly right answers.

This is an interesting observation. Let's take graphs for example. We rarely need to solve every possible path and find THE shortest one, we usually only need to find one which is shorter than almost all the other ones.

Do we always care whether every pixel is the best possible color when compressing images ? No, it usually only has to be close enough so that we can't tell the difference.

These are classic examples of that statement that have already been implemented in both parallel and linear algorithm design. I'd like to see much more research into understanding why some problems don't require an exact answer, and some do. Maybe we need to change the way we think about what a solution is, rather than how to solve.

Comment: Most of the comments here are so far off the mark. (Score 1) 330

by OneSmartFellow (#48616311) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought
...that it's not even funny.

Fact is that California has plenty of water most of the time. Occasionally the weather patterns shift a bit, and we miss out on normal rainfall for a year, maybe two. Then it comes back, and we have plenty of water again.

This is just how it is. Making idiotic suggestions about not farming the Central Valley, or ridiculing that "most of California is a desert", so don't live there, etc, etc.. just shows your feeble-mindedness.

Lots of folks live in Tornado Alley, or along the Hurricane coast, and get ridiculous amounts of Federal aid every year. California has much less frequent water problems than those areas have their problems, but nobody seems to be telling those people, hey you live in a stupid place, why don't you move somewhere else.

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