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Comment: Re:why the word needs openstreetmap (Score 1) 128

by DerekLyons (#47432891) Attached to: How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business

"Ma Bell" hasn't been a thing since 1982 when AT&T volunteered to divest itself of its regional local telcos. AT&T retained ownership of YellowPages and they remained the dominant business directory but competition in the last decade has been fierce.

*sigh* You know damn well what "Ma Bell" is shorthand for. So does everyone who read what I wrote who has an IQ above room temperature. The simple fact is, you were wrong. Not all listings were paid advertisement no matter how much you squirm and blow bullshit.

That's not what I took away from TFA and anyone who did should not try and run a business as it is wishful thinking. In fact it is entirely the business owner's responsibility to ensure information about his business is accurate.

If that's not what you took away from the TFA, then you're stupid beyond belief. The rest of what I quoted just confirms that - because you have no clue how hard it is to run a significant business and how much effort it takes to keep track to prevent yourself from being victimized. (Or, if you've run or are running a significant business and haven't encountered either, you should count yourself lucky for being out at the end of the bell curve. But I vote stupid based on the evidence.)

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by tepples (#47432525) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

Besides, this is State government not Federal requiring the license.

Congress forces the states to incorporate certain uniform provisions in traffic laws, such as a drinking age of 21. It does this by bribing the states with "highway funds" taken from citizens of other states under authority granted through the postal and commerce clauses.

Perform in costume: That is a city ordinance. Again, not fed and not even State. I am sure NYC has a reason for that ordinance, take it up with them.

In the case of dressing up as an identifiable character from a non-free work of fiction, it could be a Lanham Act violation or copyright violation, which is federal. But otherwise, such an ordinance amounts to a dress code for appearing on public sidewalks. How would I go about searching for what other cities have an analogous ordinance?

Comment: Tell me how this is suppposed to work. (Score 1) 115

by westlake (#47432393) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

In the run up to launching the service, which aims to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, the online retailer is developing aerial vehicles that travel over 50 miles (80 kilometers) per hour, and will carry 5pound (2.3 kilogram) payloads...

30 minutes at 50 mph = 25 miles out from the warehouse and a one hour round-trip.

It's difficult to see the market for this service as anything other than single family residence, upper class suburban.

25 miles out from the Amazon regional "distribution center" seems just about right --- and at ten runs a day per drone, you are shipping a bare 50 pounds of cargo a day per drone.

Weather permitting.

How do you make this pay?

Comment: What's the alternative to an ignore button? (Score 1) 1

by tepples (#47432339) Attached to: 6 Things That Stink About SSL
From the article: "Any security tool that can be entirely overruled by one casual click by an average user has problems." What's the alternative? Should end users have to pay someone an annual fee to skip these warnings, the same way a company has to pay a $299 per year annual fee to load its bespoke apps on its iOS devices?

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Neither the US Congress, nor the United Nations, have any jurisdiction over anything outside LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

You have de-facto jurisdiction wherever you have the power to assert it.

The American Revolution was about 150 years in the making --- population in 1776, around two million, any disruption in foreign trade wounding, but not fatal. Coastal cities vulnerable, but any penetration into the interior likely to end in disaster. (Saratoga)

The out-world colony for the foreseeable future will be and must be self-sustaining in the sense that it is in no immediate danger of running out of food or air. But it will be small and fragile --- in no position to cut its ties with the earth.

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I suggest that everyone who has to go through the scanner reach down into their pants and stick their finger into their butt hole just before they have to point their finger at the detector.

Why do it yourself, when it only takes a *little* encouragement before THE TSA offers to insert THEIR finger in your butthole?

Keeping in mind that THE TSA will not stop until their knuckles are knocking your uvula, or further press-the-digit-ation is blocked at their shoulder (whichever comes last).

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.