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Comment Re:Extra battery? (Score 1) 182

iPhone battery life is not great especially if you do a lot of stuff on your phone. When it's plugged in charging, the iPhone is not in my pocket. I'm usually all over the place during the day. My phone is charging at my desk, but I'm not there and miss stuff. I also have small charger that's about the size of my thumb. But this requires a wire to be attached between the phone the charger. It's real clunkly. It doesn't all fit in one handle easily. It would be nice to have a phone that can last for a few days or be able to swap batteries on the fly. But this is not the case with iPhones. Plus you have to remember to charge it each night.

Do you know how to shut down apps on your iPhone? (insert curse about apple not having shit for manuals here)

Double tap the home button and swipe up on all the stuff that appears. If you shut things down, the battery lasts much longer.

Comment Re:Can't expect Firefox to be secure (Score 1) 227

I really don't get this. Did you seriously click through the cookies on every web site, picking which ones should be allowed and which shouldn't?

If anything, the Firefox developers should have included Self Destructing Cookies in the main distribution, but it works well as an addon. Deleting the silly "click to accept cookie" thing made a lot of sense though.

Comment Re:Makes a lot of sense (Score 1) 58

They are, but the senior judges likely couldn't care less about European law. UK courts routinely ignore European law, just like UK legislature.

There is no mechanism to appeal any judgements to European courts; it is the duty of the courts in the member states to ask the European court when they deem it necessary. Obviously the extent to which they deem that necessary varies a lot between member states.

The only way around this is to go to the European Court of Human Rights, but it is unlikely that Privacy International has sufficient standing to bring this case there.

Comment Re:Self Defense (Score 1) 197

No matter your feels on the subject, the GP is factually correct.

Nuclear weapons being used in war marked the turning point where deaths from conflict fell considerably (and continue to fall.)

If you think otherwise, you are ignorant of history and getting all spun up in emotion like a child.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 529

Real paper maps are NO longer common in the USA. It took several months for me to find a local city map for my non Internet connected Mom. Tim S.

The Boy Scouts offer a merit badge in mapping. I suspect the real problem is that while maps are common, large numbers of folks never really learned how to use them. Sounds to me like an elementary-school class on the topic is in order.

Lots of gas stations have maps. True, they are expensive, but get close to where you need to go and find a BP or something and buy one. These will be street level city wide maps in all but the largest cities where you are going to need a local atlas.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 529

Cellphones must be a godsend to 911 in this regard.

Cellphones were a bloody nightmare in this regard. Before cellphones, your phone was tied to a physical phone line, and emergency dispatch knew where that line was for your phone number.. Knowing what cell tower you were using helped a little, but the problem really didn't go away until cells started having GPS.

VOIP and VPNs have screwed that up even further. My co-worker had a fire and dialed 911 on a desk phone that made the 911 operator think he was in a different city, despite being able to tell them to tell the fire fighters to walk out into the parking lot of the station and look for the smoke down the street.

Comment Re:who needs re-entry? (Score 1) 255

unless you don't need to re-enter or hit a specific target. let's say you just want to get something high over the continental US and detonate it.

something that creates a nice EMP.

They have a ways to go before they can create an EMP-capable nuclear weapon.

And, EMP threat is not what fiction tells you it is.

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