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Comment Re:Unnecessarily complex? (Score 1) 453

This is it, end of thread. When I don't know what some ui element does, I push it to see. Usually, when my mom asks for help doing something on her computer, I don't really know the answer in advance. Instead, I explore the menu system very quickly until I see the right option and to her it looks like I knew what I was doing all along.

Comment Re:Three horse race (Score 1) 142

With no meaningful transition (for both customers and developers) from Symbian to WP, why would anybody buy a high end Symbian device today ?

Why would anybody have bought a high end Symbian device a month ago? I doubt most honest responses include "meaningful transition to next OS"

Comment Re:why no one time pad with index lookup (Score 1) 399

Actually, there will be backup codes, which is similar (no index):

Backup codes can be used to sign in if you lose your phones or otherwise can't receive codes via SMS, voice call, or mobile app (via Google Authenticator). Each code can be used only once. Keep these codes in a safe place -- if you lose access to your phone, these codes will be the only way to sign in to your account.

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