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by camperdave (#47517515) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air
But, does it bend? After all, that's the point behind fiberoptics, to be able to snake a light beam around corners and through tight spaces so that we don't have to maintain perfect optical alignment over a distance. So, what's the point of this setup? Does it keep moths away by burning them on the outer beams?

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Ahh so there are no scarce resources that go into digital creations ? Nobody puts time, money, consumable resources to make entertainment ?

I didn't say that at all, and you know it. It's the "digital creations" themselves which are not scarce. Producing new ones requires labor and other scarce resources. However, artificial copyright monopolies are hardly the only way to fund the production of new media. In the absence of copyright you still have options like patronage and crowd-funding, not to mention volunteer efforts (which already make up a significant fraction of copyrighted works).

Really, while I certainly think that the media companies have been shooting themselves in the foot with machineguns by not maximizing the digital presence of their works, .... But that's their right.

No, punishing those who distribute copies of digital media without their authorization isn't a right. It's just a privilege invented as part of a scheme to incentivize the creation of new works. And like any legal privilege, it can only exist by infringing on the natural rights of others. There are other, better options.

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Seriously why don't you just try justifying why you limit access to your property or person for your own material interests.

That's easy. If someone else is using my property or person, I can't use it myself. Use of scare resources is inherently competitive and zero-sum. The same is not true for non-scarce resources like digital media.

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I also wouldn't use a service that does not provide a library at least on par with The Pirate Bay.

That's a pretty ridiculous bar to set.

I think it's a very reasonable bar to set. TPB proves that there is no technical reason why we can't provide everyone with near-instant, free access to basically every last bit of media on Earth. It's up to the pro-copyright faction to justify withholding that access to suit their own material interests.

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by camperdave (#47509541) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?
Well, there was that episode where someone drugged some wine, and everyone who drank it passed out immediately from one sip. The Doctor (Tom Baker) took two full gulps of wine, watched as everyone passed out, and stuttered out the phrase "p-p-potent stuff" before passing out himself. As far as a catch phrase, he was always offering people a jelly baby.

Still, it's not what I would call a "go!" phrase.

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