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Comment: Re:yep, it IS an indicator - they WERE anarchists (Score 1) 174

Cop One: Man it's hot out. Hey look at that guy "wearing a heavy trenchcoat to a large 4th of July event while walking purposely toward the center of the crowd rather than socialing like everyone else"

Cop Two: Maybe he is up to no good. Let's "watch them for a minute."

B O O M [body parts whiz by]

Cop One: Shit! Why didn't some three-letter-agency deal with that? Now I've got a lot of paper work to do...

Comment: Useful lifetime (Score 1) 189

Any old building that is in disrepair due to neglect, wasn't worth saving. Q.E.D.

You imply it is a waste to build a cheaper building, while one could argue it is a waste to over build, and commit to future expenses.

Buildings have a useful lifetime, and become prohibitively expensive... obsolete plumbing, electrical, heating cooling, insulation.

Comment: dead-man switch (Score 1) 421

by NotQuiteReal (#48730637) Attached to: What Isn't There an App For?
This app would come with a feature that completely erases itself and any record that you even considered using it. This kicks in if you don't positively identify that you are still alive and coherent every 6 hours. The lawyers would make sure this feature is present.

Since you might be using this app in the wilderness, while you are foraging, there are some sister apps you might like; one that estimates if you can jump that ravine, and another that tells you if there are enough handholds on that cliff face for climbing...

Comment: It depends... (Score 2, Insightful) 335

by NotQuiteReal (#48702253) Attached to: Out With the Red-Light Cameras, In With the Speeding Cameras
We are all guilty of three felonies a day (google it), and traffic laws (not all laws) are in place to keep us safe... when appropriate.

The problem with automated speeding tickets is that, many times (i.e. no other traffic) there is no safety issue to speeding.

Sounds like another money grab for the overpaid government employee system.

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