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Comment: Re:Behind the curve (Score 0) 1040

by NotQuiteReal (#47156193) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage
Well then, you Democrats and liberal types should welcome this move. Seattle will be the perfect test bed to prove your argument that raising the minimum wage will do no harm to the economy and eliminate poverty. All we have to do it watch Seattle for the next few years and see what happens. If you're right, we'll see no ill effects, continued growth, unemployment decrease and everyone will be able to afford shopping at Mom & Pop stores instead of the evil big-boxes.

Hell, Seattle is *ideal* for your cause! They not only raised it to the $10.10 that you have predicted will solve the suffering of the poor, but they've went even *further* and raised it to $15!!!! If you're even remotely right, Seattle should become a Detroit style paradise soon.

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