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Comment Re:Sad in a philosophical sense (Score 1) 104

For having so many small experiments and projects to maintain, a human presence is really not that much more effort compared to building robotic versions of each experiment. The human is also far more adaptable, able to repair and rebuild systems as needed.

Well, except that humans are pretty much stuck at the landing site. Mars has half the circumference of earth or about 20000 km, you can get the equivalent of the lunar rover and cover maybe 20 km before you have to turn back. Sure, the rovers are a snooze feast but we got several of them in different places. For the same reason it's not practical to repair them or return samples to base either, even if we had a man on Mars.

Comment Re:Not good for per core licencing (Score 1) 283

Server 2016 is going per core licencing which means less cores overclocked

Given the drive to eke every last bit of economy (both dollars and joules) out of commodity server hardware, I see two possible outcomes for that: either future versions of Windows will have to reduce their licensing costs in the multicore scenarios, or most software will get ported over to other operating systems whose licensing costs are lower. (I'd imagine the latter is more sensible, since paying to license a GUI-based OS seems silly when running server software on a headless machine in a data center, but far be it from me to second-guess the IT industry)

Comment Re:speculative execution etc. With 1024 cores ... (Score 1) 283

With 4096 otherwise idle cores, it can make sense to calculate 1,000 possible scenarios in parallel and then ignore the 999 options you didn't need.

Well, maybe from a strict minimize-time-to-result perspective, but if we're also trying to minimize power usage (and given the subject of this article, we presumably are), then I'm not sure you're going to get any kind of efficiency win by doing 1000 times the necessary number of computations and throwing away almost all of them.

Comment Re:Revoke it (Score 1) 39

And in *two whole years*, they should have been able to establish that it was validating malware.

Is the app in question actually malware, according to Apple's definition of the term?

Or to put it another way, how evil does an application have to be before it should be labelled as malware? Is there a formal policy on this posted anywhere?

Comment Re:Meaningless stats (Score 1) 101

Yes, but... what users are complaining about isn't really how "fair" it is from a CS perspective. What they really want to know is how they can say my video streaming is a lot more important than my bittorrent client and if there's CPU contention or IO contention or network contention just let the video take priority. Because usually somebody with a server has optimized the IO quite well for the use case with 100 streams and they're all equally important. That's usually not the case on the client, some things matter much, much more than others.

Comment Re:Christ what a bunch of assholes. (Score 1) 426

Electricity in NH: private providers. Same for telephone, partially for internet. Outside of cities and the dense portions of some towns, water and sewage are privately owned wells, tanks, and leach fields.

Here in America we are also taxed for things that make life worse: "welfare", hundreds of government agencies that interfere with innocent activities, theft of private property. The low level of taxation that would be required for services that can only be properly provided by government would be far less objectionable to most people, and would encourage people to work more to achieve their own goals.

Governments do things such as putting up expensive statues of foul people like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Woodrow Wilson. Those are some of the "great things we can do together when we pool our resources." I'd far rather have my portion of that money to put up a small fountain at my own house.

Comment Re:Life Liberty and Really? (Score 1) 426

"Live, liberty, property" has been a common formulation for 240 or so years. The ""Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" used in the Declaration of Independence was chosen for good rhetorical reasons.

Criticizing the Statement for the use of the word "property" indicates a rejection of the idea that personal property is necessary for a good society.

Jealousy of people better than you is an ugly emotion.

Comment Re:There's really nothing to see here, move along. (Score 1) 426

The figure of 20,000 was carefully calculated to be the minimum needed to have a reasonable chance of succeeding at changing the political atmosphere. Would you want to move if there was little chance of achieving your goals, that moving would gain you nothing?

Think of it like not buying a house until you have enough for a down payment.

Comment Re:USdebtclock says lots of debt (Score 2) 426

This is largely due to the Democrats that have to a large extent taken over the state in the last 15 years. NH used to have emergency funds, stockpiles on money to use in disasters. It took only 2 years of a Democrat governor, in the absence of any emergency, to zero out those funds. The spending has continued unchecked.

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