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Comment: Re:Obviously (Score 2) 155

by fyngyrz (#49819479) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene

I wonder if they've weighed the sponges. One possibility is that the sponges are deteriorating in a particular direction, thus engaging in conventional "stuff out one end makes you go the other way" propulsion. And also becoming traditional "will get used up" style fuel in the process. :)

Though it'd be all kinds of awesome if it was creating coherent motion out of energy delivered by photons without wearing out. Now *that* could be a space drive.

Comment: Achievement unlocked! (Score 4, Funny) 155

by Jeremi (#49819377) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene

Do you ever get the paranoid feeling that someone is occasionally modifying the laws of physics in order to advance the plot?

"Oh look, they're going to be stuck on Earth for an excruciatingly long time due to the exponential-propellent-scaling problem. Let's add a new capability to graphene that will give them a work-around for that."

I claim that two years ago the exact same graphene experiment would have shown no unexpected results; but now in 2015 we see this suspiciously useful behavior appear. I'm not sure how to test my hypothesis though :)

Comment: Re:In other words (Score 1) 223

by TheGratefulNet (#49818777) Attached to: Netflix Is Experimenting With Advertising

NF had its peak right before the big flix-gate (lol) when they upped the price, removed streaming and changed plans on everyone.

at that point, I dropped them and never looked back.

vpn is $10 or less. torrents are free. there are NO ADS in torrents. no drm, and good compression yet still watchable.

I have not found a reason to resume paying for content. if an enlightened company gives me a good reason, I could consider it. but I'm not interested in resuming netflix and now that they are starting to SHOW the dark side of their corp mentality, yeah, they are a done-deal and I predict a decline in their customer levels over time.

Comment: Re:Of course it bombed (Score 1) 182

by Maxo-Texas (#49815709) Attached to: Tron 3 Is Cancelled

You are going to have a rough time with current demographic trends plus the entire "republican party leadership seems to all be bisexual or gay" explosion taking place right now. Seriously- the republican party is starting to look like the catholic church.

Currently, conservative voters are dying over 1 million per year faster than replacement. It's a shift of almost 3 million votes for the 2016 elections.

liberals can be softheaded- but conservatives can be short sighted. Unchecked conservatism often leads to bloody revolution.

Comment: Re:Subscription or no? (Score 2) 315

by Kjella (#49815689) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th

What's in it for Microsoft, when the upgrades are free? They've had six years to make improvements that users might pay for and they're just going to hand them over for free. Why? They're not making profit on the hardware the way Apple does, selling software is their core business. Part of getting a new machine is also getting the latest OS, if you already have Win10 on your 2.8 GHz i7-860 w/DDR3 and 16x PCIe 2.0 and add a new graphics card and some more RAM you have a pretty solid platform to play with. It's not like they massively improve each year anymore.

I think it's about control. Users have repeatedly refused to get on boards Microsoft's failtrains like ME, Vista and Win8 staying on the last good version for years. I think it's everybody on the Win10 train and when they pull another stunt there's nowhere to get off, if you want to stay supported you'll be upgrading to the latest 10.x release whether you want to or not. Unlike the OS service packs are only supported for a short while and in this new model it's not even clear if consumers will get that or if it's just one update stream of security patches and "upgrades" all rolled into one.

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