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Comment: Re:Produce in your garden? (Score 1) 193

It's not surprising -- it just isn't worth it for most people. To do it well, you variously need land; upkeep time; knowledge (pests you don't need, creatures you do, plant nutrition, how to harvest without doing damage, control of wastage, fertilizer issues, varietal information, home-cooking skills, canning skills); seed sources; patience; storage, fencing to control animal forage, sometimes a permit...

Yeah, not really. The knowledge is simple.

What you have to prepared for is losses. If you plant everything expecting perfect vegetables in a few months without doing anything else, you're bound to be disappointed. If you plant everything perfectly, and manicure them them perfectly, and expect perfect vegetables, you're also bound to be disappointed.

Home grown stuff has losses, always. Slugs are my nemesis with growing beans, but I grow enough of them (not much, only 10 plants or so) to make the losses less hard to bear.

Comment: Re:It's a joke. (Score 1) 107

One of the problems is that being able to hack into anyone's accounts is not a preserve of the intelligence agencies. Other people do, and will do it all the time.

I like my Western, secular democracy too.

Which limits exactly should our government respect, and which should they not?

Comment: Re:This is pretty common. (Score 4, Interesting) 193

by Smauler (#49296925) Attached to: Microsoft Says Free Windows 10 Upgrades For Pirates Will Be Unsupported

I gave Microsoft about £100 8 years ago for this PC I'm writing on's operating system. Now, you can claim I'm stupid and clueless enough to have paid that money if you like, but you'll have to show me how I would have played all the games that I have done since without having bought the operating system.

A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.