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That page may have a slight agenda. The evidence it presents that Israel did not hit the school is a couple of selected photographs of low damage, and a photograph of another building demolished by Israeli forces. The claim is that if Israel did hit it, it would have been rubble.

Quote : "I mean it's obvious to everyone with eyes except the *US media and Hamas shills."

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by Smauler (#47546537) Attached to: Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion

These blades are highly regulated. When Oscar Pistorius lost in the 200m paralympic amputee final in London in 2012, he had a rant about the length of the blades of his opponent. It's well known that long blades give an advantage over legs, hence the regulation.

What I find difficult is the classification of disability. Whilst some disabilities are relatively easily defined, most are not. Whether you're successful or not can depend on which category you're placed in, not how good an athlete you are. See here for an example.

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"Aero" actually offloaded most of the graphical work to the graphics card, so if you have anything dedicated to graphics (rather than integrated intel of the time, which was awful), it probably would make no difference whatsoever.

Laptops, however, will benefit from classic mode with increased battery life due to not using the GPU.

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Most likely until Hamas decides to declare another phyrric "victory" and stop firing rockets. And lets not overlook the difference: Hamas deliberately targets civilians, the Israelis don't.

They both must be awful shots then, since in the current conflict the vast majority of Israeli casualties have been soldiers, and the vast majority of Palestinian casualties have been civilians.

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by Smauler (#47512601) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

One of the major problems, in this and many other articles is that there is a blanket assumption that all of this abuse is coming from men, even in the case of anonymous posts. This is straight up sexism. All of the abuse here is assumed to be the work of men.

Before you say that it is always men, there was a similar incident of excessive abuse directed towards a female MP campaigning against a woman being removed from the 5 pound note in the UK. Two people were prosecuted, one of them was a woman (Isabella Sorley).

I am against prosecutions for online abuse, I'm just using this as an example that it is not always men who abuse, even in situations where it would seem unlikely that it is a woman. Assuming anonymous hate mail is always written by men is wrong and sexist.

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by Smauler (#47479491) Attached to: New York State Proposes Sweeping Bitcoin Regulations

Who modded this AC up?

If there's one thing I'm sick of with slashdot, it's the constant party bickering. Yes, we understand Republicans don't like Democrats, and Democrats don't like Republicans. We get it.

If there are political points to be made (like there are in this story), make them about the story, not some obscure deal someone else made.

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by Smauler (#47420769) Attached to: UK Computing Student Jailed After Failing To Hand Over Crypto Keys

You do know the US has "Stop and Identify" laws which require you to talk to police? For example, in Texas :

"A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information."

It's a class C misdemeanor.

These laws have been challenged, and SCOTUS ruled that they don't violate miranda rights.

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by Smauler (#47403405) Attached to: Autonomous Trucking

But record numbers of truckers have very little experience.

What? Are you just saying that there are more truck drivers than there used to be?

So what? Lots of things are harder than other things, that's not an excuse for doing them wrong

Someone has to drive trucks, and driving trucks well is difficult. If you make only expert truck drivers allowed to drive, then you'll have a whole host of goods undelivered. Sometimes you've got to use what you've got.

The biggest problem truck drivers have on the road, besides the ones that are just a danger to themselves and others all the time, is lack of sleep.

Well, I'm from the EU, which has mandatory time limits on HGV driving and working. You can't work more than 48 hours a week as a driver, on average (the actual legislation is that you can't work more than 56 hours in a week, and no more than 96 hours in a fortnight, IIRC). If you're tired with that week, it's your fault.

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I used to drive a route, Bury St Edmunds, Kettering, Winchester, then back to Bury St Edmunds every day (along with London on thursdays). It was in a big artic. At the first stop, I was unloaded and reloaded (with tyres), at the second I changed trailers. 340 miles every day, and I was always within tacho law. (for Americans, drivers in the EU are strictly regulated on the hours they can work(

I don't know what you're suggesting as a replacement for this kind of system.

The warehouse in Bury st Edmunds is just a big room with about 10 people (total, including night shift) loading and unloading trucks all day long. I am talking about the largest wholesaler of tyres in the UK here.

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You didn't reply to the AC's post. They were not incidents, they were potential incidents. If a trucker had an incident every 100,000 miles, they would not be a trucker for long.

I'm not excusing bad driving, there's loads of that about. However, your estimation that truckers generally have more than one incident every 100,000 miles on average is wrong.

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by Smauler (#47390657) Attached to: Autonomous Trucking

As a truck driver, I think your 99% is a little high. Train drivers, for example, do not have to deal with almost all the situational problems that truck drivers do, and their profession is only just starting to become autonomous, and only in a few limited cases.

I agree it is probably the future of cargo transport... but if we're using automated cargo transport, I think we could come up with a better solution than just big automaton trucks on the road.

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