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Journal Journal: Trump - a warning from the present 2

I don't believe for a second Trump believes a word he's saying.

What I am concerned about is that Trump could, very realistically, be elected because of the views he's espousing. That says something terrible about too many people at the moment, and also makes possible the frightening scenario whereby someone who believes what Trump is currently saying could be elected too.

In the mean time, Trump is also validating the opinions of many extremists.

Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 2) 493

Now you won't even support some petty little dictators like Putin/Assad to defeat a religious movement that threatens the entire modern world?

It's a bunch of pathetic terrorists not a threat to the entire modern world. FFS people, stop crapping your pants every time some nut shoots or blows up something. When that happens, terrorists might not win anything, but we definitely lose.

Nobody religious extremist is going to kill you tomorrow. Go live your life. (But change your pants, please.)

Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 1) 50

Looking at context, I think literally was more appropriate than figuratively. "Figuratively" would have been wrong, he really wasn't able to do anything with his computer. "Literally" is OK but is completely unnecessary and, as a result, because it's generally only used in situations where there may be a doubt, is inappropriate. It's like saying "Look at this awesome phone I just bought and did not steal" unironically.

Comment Confirmed (Score 1) 9


Support could be as high as 1/3 of the Republican electorate right now. Increasingly difficult to see a likely successful challenge. And scarily this has come after a few days of not merely "having appropriate immigration views from the PoV of the brown-pants brigade", but actually of echoing a lightweight but recognizable Hitler.


Comment Re:Hopefully this is temporary (Score 1) 185

I suspect that's exactly the problem. I've been experiencing, on both my testbeds (a tablet and an old laptop) frequent BSoDs with the new version, and even the installation of the update had problems (on the tablet it would get stuck at 40%, which I found out afterwards was because I have an SD card installed. Yes, seriously.)

I'm still a little baffled they released Windows 10 at all. I'd have released Windows 8.11 (8.1 with a traditional start menu), which would have bought them time to polish 10, get the bugs out of it, and make it awesome (which it could be, the damned thing has potential) - but as it is, they've released something obviously Beta-quality as a production operating system, and I can't for the life of me understand why.

Comment Re: Already solved (Score 1) 107

I bought a new fridge about 5 years ago. I moved house and worked out that the difference in power consumption between the old fridge I had and the new one that I bought meant that the new fridge paid for itself in 2-3 years. Newer utilities are significantly lower power than ones from even the '80s and '90s. I bet that the next set of low-operating-cost white goods will all have some kind of Internet-related insecurity as standard.

Comment Re:No, I'm really not (Score 1) 311

The thing is, I don't want to count on everyone having the latest version.

Yes you do. That way developers using those bleeding-edge features can find the rough edges and get them fixed, and you can use their tested descendants a year later. If those features aren't delivered to end users, no one can test and learn from them and they don't become mainstream.

Comment Re:Stalking Horse? (Score 1) 136

Thus for most normal Blackberry users (non-corporate), their secure end to end communications begin and end at Blackberry's servers.

That's not a definition of "end to end" that I'm familiar with. Beyond that, how does Blackberry's "network operator" setup differ from Apple's Messages where Apple handles the message routing and delivery, except that Apple devices encrypt and decrypt on the user's hardware (which is the normal definition of "end to end")?

Comment Re:Fuck Mozilla (Score 1) 311

No, that's one not the alternative. Given the UI in Mozilla has always been separate from the rendering/JS engines, it would/should be trivially easy to update the non-UI part of Firefox from the UI, which would solve both problems, keeping security updates and standards compliance separate from usability.

That Mozilla doesn't separate this says much about why they update - it's never been about security.

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