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Comment Same thing that facebook tries to do... (Score 3, Insightful) 46

... and facebook doesn't do it well. I constantly have to view my friends' pages directly to see what's going on because facebook's algorithm prioritizes the wrong posts onto my page.

Maybe twitter will be able to do better at reading my mind to determine what I want to read, maybe not.

So long as I can disable it, I'm fine with it for now.

Comment web server logs and russian companies (Score 1, Troll) 305

I've had to block the IP addresses used by both yandex's search bot and mail.ru because they seem to completely ignore the robots.txt that I have on the server. The only other search engine bot that I've had to block for that same reason was bing's search bot.

Other search bots do not seem to have any problems following the instructions I placed in the robots.txt. For some reason, yandex, mail.ru and bing think they're entitled to special treatment.

Comment Animals escaped, close barn door (Score 3, Insightful) 56

Too little, too late, Microsoft.

Now that you've infected most non-Windows 10 PCs with the upgrade malware, now, NOW you decide to tell people what the updates will do to their PCs?

Sorry, Microsoft, you've already completely lost what little trust you had going into the Windows 10 upgrade cycle.

What's the expression? It takes at least ten times as long to regain trust as it does to lose it.

Comment Worth repeating... (Score 5, Insightful) 287

...Our belief is that if someone doesn't like them, and they won't click on them, any impressions served to them will only annoy them-- plus, serving ads to people who won't click on them harms campaign performance. ... Publishers can't win by forcing ads — especially low-quality ads — in people's faces. ...

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 5, Insightful) 661

...I see this type of comment fairly frequently, and I understand the sentiment, but what exactly do you propose that they do instead? Just go bankrupt?...

According to Wired, only 20% of the visitors to the site block ads. Hardly a reason for a site to go bankrupt.

But I would suggest that one of the first things that is done is get rid of the ad networks that track people around the Internet and also serve up malware. I see absolutely no reason for Wired ads to track me as I visit other websites. If Wired wants to serve ads, then wired.com should serve the ads.

Second, make the ads a whole lot less intrusive. When there's an ad on the page, I see it. There is no reason whatsoever to make the ad obnoxiously prominent to gain more of my attention, as that added attention will not result in a positive opinion about the product the ad is trying to sell.

There's more, but those two would be a good start....

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