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Comment Building a censorship infrastructure (Score 4, Insightful) 99 99

"Blocking porn websites" is usually the rationale given to justify the first step in building an infrastructure to provide wider censorship of the internet.

Slowly the criteria used to block websites are expanded, and more websites are blocked. Then websites are blocked because they reflect political ideas not sanctioned by the government.

It's a slippery slope.

Comment Get the power from source to consumer (Score 2) 373 373

The current power grid is set up to carry power from the current generating sources through a hierarchy of distribution systems to the consumer (i.e., your house).

If the solar panels that are opined are to be installed are on the consumers' houses, how will the power distribution grid need to be changed?

If solar panels are in the desert somewhere, will a new distribution system need to be built (along what right of way?) to carry the electricity from the desert to the consumers?

In other words, don't just look at the power generation source, also look at getting that generated power to the consumer.

Comment Metcalfe's Law (Score 1) 245 245

[paraphrased] The value of a social network is proportional to the square of the number of users on it.

google+ never had enough users to reach that critical tipping point, in spite of google trying to add users by requiring google service users to be google+ members.

(for the kids in the audience, Dr. Metcalfe was one of the co-inventors of Ethernet.)

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 2) 245 245

Biggest detraction was the unknown of how much of your browsing and searches and youtube video history would end up on your public profile. :)

Exactly. Once google had google+ data on me, what would they do with it? How would it be displayed? What control would I have?

google does some stupid things, and requiring google+ IDs for other google services was one of them. I never knew what or how my data from one google service would be publicly shared with other google services because of the google+ connection. I found myself relying upon the privacy ethics of google and, for me, that was like trying to stand on quicksand.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 2) 292 292

Now they are tracking you and your surfing habits even more than Google (because it's the OS doing the tracking) and they are going to shove ads in your face any way they can.

Recently it appears that TiVo, of all companies, has started to aggressively insert advertisements onto the screen when you're watching the TV shows you recorded. Rumor has it that Nest thermostats will soon be displaying advertisements on its display.

The computer companies seem to have been taken over by the advertisers. Microsoft is probably just jumping on the bandwagon to get some of the money.

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