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Comment Re:Be sure they really are cheaper (Score 1) 234

...One thing I've noticed about homebuilt rigs is that they are occasionally louder than normal...

The last PC I built was substantially quieter than anything I could buy commercially. Indeed most of hte home-built quiet PCs now use they same tactics for quiet that I used 15 years ago.

At the time, the toughest component to get a quiet version for was the graphics card. Nearly all the ones I could find had one of those little whiny high-speed cooling fans on the card.

Comment So the paper decides to lead in uncivil discourse? (Score 1) 241

... consistent difficulty with posts that exceed the bounds of civil discourse...

The paper is doing what it accuses others of doing. The retroactive revealing of the authors of anonymous comments clears the bounds of civil discourse in street shoes.

imo, The Montana Standard is violating all manner of rules of Journalism if they go through with this most egregious stunt.

Comment Size and mobility as needed and appropriate (Score 2) 232

... What uses and functions does one giant screen serve that can't be cleverly redistributed to smaller screens?...

The size and mobility of the screen will continue to evolve towards use cases that are both needed and appropriate for the task involved, along with a continuing and increasing lockdown of the media streams so that a tithe can be extracted..

There, I saved you from having to waste time reading TFA as I did.

Comment Re:How do they know? (Score 1) 315

That telemetry is provided by a self-selected sample of those who are mostly neophyte users, users who usually just install with all defaults. I wonder how representative it is of all Firefox users?

Obviously, Mozilla is doing something very wrong with Firefox: (Firefox vs. Chrome marketshare graphic)

Comment "difficult transition period is coming up..." (Score 1) 315

From TFA, "As we’ve said before, a difficult transitional period is coming up for Firefox users...."

Firefox users have been going through a difficult period for the past few years, as the Mozilla bureaucracy has boated Firefox with things like Pocket, and removed features such as efficiency and sleekness.

Now the Mozilla bureaucracy will be removing things like the Compact Classic theme, forcing the remaining Firefox users to use the rigid Australis user interface.

As Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10% user share level some are left to wonder whether Mozilla really wants Firefox to succeed, or whether Mozilla wants Firefox to die off. It appears that Mozilla has become a bloated corporate bureaucracy, more interested in prolonging and growing itself than writing world class software.

The Mozilla community now appears to serve a bloated Mozilla, Inc. bureaucracy, instead of the users of Mozilla software.

Comment I've watched as the iTunes UI deteriorated.. (Score 4, Interesting) 461

A lot of the functionality of the iTunes UI has fallen to the wayside. The UI has been dumbed down ("simplified") to the point that what used to be simple tasks are now multi-step functions.

Apple's reputation in design has been touted far and wide, so I though the design flaws in iTunes were my perception and/or due to my odd usage of iTunes.

It is good to see others who have also noticed that Apple may have lost its way regarding user-centric design.

Comment For me, work-life balance is a myth (Score 1) 242

My manager told me that I was expected to work at least 12 hours each weekday and 8 hours one of the two weekend days. Plus I had to keep my company cell phone with me when I went on vacation.

There is no such thing as work-life balance, or maybe there is and some managers call it "slacking:" like mine did.

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