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Comment Re:So basically they're trying to get rid of me (Score 1) 131

Never thought I'd see the day when someone on Slashdot would need to define BOFH.

Welcome to the new millennium, where IT is always outsourced and one has no idea who is actually responsible when anything breaks and there are a myriad of interchangeable BOFHs just an international phone call away.

Comment Re:10 years was a decent rest (Score 2) 438

I thought that was a rather interesting episode. You have two species of intelligent life that evolved and coexisted on the same planet, which is probably not a common occurrence in the cosmos. The species that looked down on the other species was dying out from a genetic defect. Providing a cure would only prolong the inevitable outcome by a few hundred years. This was the first episode that formed the basis for the Prime Directive to not interfere with emerging cultures.

Is that the one that came immediately before the one where Phlox calls the Organians "appalling" because they won't cure his patients for him?

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