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Submission + - EFF: The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared (

An anonymous reader writes: Wikileaks has released the finalized Intellectual Property text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which international negotiators agreed upon a few days ago. Unfortunately, it contains many of the consumer-hostile provisions that so many organizations spoke out against beforehand. This includes the extension of the copyright term to life plus 70 years, and a ban on the circumvention of DRM. The EFF says, "If you dig deeper, you'll notice that all of the provisions that recognize the rights of the public are non-binding, whereas almost everything that benefits rightsholders is binding. That paragraph on the public domain, for example, used to be much stronger in the first leaked draft, with specific obligations to identify, preserve and promote access to public domain material. All of that has now been lost in favor of a feeble, feel-good platitude that imposes no concrete obligations on the TPP parties whatsoever." The EFF walks us through all the other awful provisions as well — it's quite a lengthy analysis.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 76

Except this is retarded either way. Linux on netbooks? It has been done and saw a 400% higher return rate than Windows on the same device, why? Simple people don't give a shit about the OS but they DO care about THEIR PROGRAMS. Their programs don't run? You might as well give them an Emu and tell them to do their computing on that for all the good it'll do 'em.

As for ARM on laptops? Pick your test, you'll see that the BEST chips that ARM has to offer in 2015 cannot compete with the first gen C2D chips from 2007 in performance, they just can't. The simple fact that ARM fans don't want to accept is ARM doesn't scale and once you start ramping up the cycles or adding cores to up the performance? Well there went your power budget, you'd be better off with the new Intel Atom chips that frankly curbstomp the living shit out of the latest greatest ARM chips. Like it or not, despite all these companies just throwing money at it, ARM simply doesn't scale performance wise worth a shit, it just don't. It is simply easier for Intel and AMD to lower the power on their APUs than it is for ARM to scale up their IPC because the performance gap is just so great.

So sorry Linus but you are wrong, as the only thing ARM has to offer is cheap and as we saw with first the netbook craze and then the tablet craze that people will put up with cheap = lousy performance for only a VERY limited time and then they chunk the things, hell I've had so many trying to practically give me cheap ARM tablets, nobody wants the things, the same will be true of Linux ARM netbooks/laptops. Folks will take 'em home, try to run their Windows programs (because again they don't know WTF an OS is) and when it don't work? The store is gonna have a fricking mound of the things in the return pile. No store is gonna put up with that for long so they'll dump 'em and never buy another and that will be the end of that. Sorry Linus, no sale.

Comment Re:Passwords passed around (Score 1) 82

If they're unsafe it's too late now. Putting your passwords in a cloud service is like putting nude pictures online. Nobody may want to look at them, but they're out there forever, and somebody has them backed up somewhere.

It depends on whether they ever had the keys to unlock them or they were all locally encrypted (barring the whole "they lied and stored your password anyway" tin foil hat argument).

Comment Re: ...uhh (Score 1) 181

So when you show some alien that you know a constant, you also have to show them that you actually intend to show it to them.

No. All you have to do is show intentional order. Numbers do that well before they take on roles as constants. receiving 1,2,3,4,5,6... would wake up any of our scientists. In any base.

Until we can determine that we're hearing something intentional -- which a certain (fairly minimal) amount of order is sufficient to do -- how good at math and physics some aliens are isn't much of an issue.

Although, of course, if 11110011011001 (11 1 100 1 101 1001) was resolvable on some SETI person's printout or display, I'm pretty sure the top of their heads would blow right off. :)

Comment They're all Special Butterflies, you see (Score 1) 168

Because everyone got an A+

Yes. Perhaps they should first concentrate on students achieving at least a reasonable standard of reading comprehension, writing (and I know I'm going out on a limb here) grammar and spelling competence.

Instead of passing students through like shit in a goose regardless of performance.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1, Redundant) 121

No, wait. Is this one of those "evolving language" things where "editor", which used to mean "person who corrects prose" is now the word for "person who screws up prose?"

This could all be my fault.

Although I should point out that in the current social mindset, "my fault" actually means "their fault" or "your fault" or at a minimum, "someone else's fault."

Comment Well (Score 4, Funny) 121

as an attempt to reduce the differences between Linux distributions in an effort significant effort

My effort significant effort is effectively effortless. It's the effort effect at work. So there.

"editors" -- I don't think that word means what the slashdot "editors" think it means.

Comment Wordplay -- there's fun in the whooshing sound (Score 1) 69

It's ok. I realize wordplay makes a -->hash<-- out of many people's thought processes, and they can't do something as simple as moderate well in that kind of state. Not offended at all; there's no -->collision<-- between my feelings and clueless moderation of my posts. It strikes me as sad when other people's posts are similarly abused by moderators who can't -->look up<-- long enough to see what's being said, but hey, that's slashdot, where anyone can moderate for any reason, or no reason, or the wrong reason. And does. As we have seen here. There's no -->link<-- between the -->list<-- of who can moderate and who can "get it." Even when you provide the right -->pointers.<--

It's very much of like sarcasm. Without tags, some people are just lost. But the tags take part of the fun out of sarcasm, wordplay and just about every other form of humor, so I tend not to signal that hard, except as in the first paragraph here, when it is certain I'm dealing with someone who just "isn't going to get it" otherwise. Sarcasm or humor, wordplay or not. But... if you don't get it, you don't get it. S'ok. Regrettable, but still ok. I still had fun writing it. :)


o hash - SHA1 related term, also means confusion in the mind
o collision - hash related term, also means one thing disturbing another
o look up (lookup) - hash related term, also means change one's point of view
o link+list - technique used in hashing to resolve algorithmic collisions, also a joining of items
o pointers - variables which can be used to index a hash, also an indication to something

Bonus study material:

o acrostic technique

No, no. No need for thanks. Glad to help you out. :)

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