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Comment Re:release notes should have informed users (Score 1) 127

This is another thing that's really pissing me off about Windows 10 - quite honestly, if it wasn't for the fact Windows 10 is slow and bug ridden (Fall update helped a little with the first, but made the latter much, much, worse), I'd have turned off updates completely by now. How does Microsoft expect us to trust them with automatic updates if they're not going to tell us what those updates are supposed to do?

Comment Re:How DARE you apply the Rule of Law in this cour (Score 1) 194

You're assuming that every takedown is, in fact, valid and that the material should be taken down. I maintain that plenty are filed that are not legit. There are ample documented cases of DMCA takedowns where this turns out not to be the case, fair use, not actually subject to copyright, not filed by the legit owner; these have all happened. In these cases you propose that it's a-okay to arbitrarily and summarily punish an innocent person. I don't hold to that. I'm solidly and irrevocably on the side of due process, the presumption of innocence until guilt is proved, and that it's better for 1000 offenders to go unpunished than for one innocent to be made to suffer.

Frankly, when we're talking about fundamental human rights vs. the hypothetical value of some record labels latest 4-minutes of autotune, I say to hell with the value of the copyrighted item. People come before quarterly profits and share price.

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 1) 152

#2 If the device is already hardwired to allow it to shut down the LED without shutting down the camera then it's only one software update/hack away from transmitting while it appears to be off. (Assuming that such a "feature" hasn't already been included and is just waiting for a signal to activate.)

So? Even if the camera was being powered off, it would only be one software update/hack away from being able to transmit while turning off the LED.

Comment flawed "research" (Score 4, Insightful) 152

30 mA will light most modern LEDs screaming bright. Or very bright, at least.

Deciding that the camera is not uploading images to the cloud based on power consumption is like deciding that water is wet by looking at clouds... I did not see any mention of ethernet packet capture in TFA. You want to see if the thing is uploading? show me some captured packets.

The argument is specious at best. It is a wireless camera, administered over an internet connection. In "power down" mode it still needs a way to be powered back on -- so it needs to keep its microprocessor and wifi radio on.

The researcher says that power down mode should reduce current by 10-100 times. Let's see. 1/10 of the 322 mA cited for 360p "video record -- no motion" would be 32 mA. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you cannot run a microprocessor and wifi radio at that power level. And the 1/100th? 3.2 mA? NFW.

TFA is a troll, perhaps by a shill. it is a crock of shit, and it stinks.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 2, Insightful) 499

If we would open drilling even more in the US and more publicly support fracking, we could never use another drop of middle eastern oil again.

Don't you dumbasses realize that we're using their oil so that when it runs out we'll still have ours left? Leaving our oil in the ground for as long as possible gives us a strategic advantage, and squandering that for short-term economic gain isn't "conservative," it's just goddamn fucking stupid!

Comment Re:How DARE you apply the Rule of Law in this cour (Score 1) 194

There are two major problems though. The first is with step 2. All that's happened at that point is an accusation. There's no proof and no due process at this point. Just an accusation and a jump immediately to punishment. This is a huge problem.

Also, the "under penalty of perjury" needs to be re-written to have some teeth. If attorneys were disbarred and executives imprisoned for perjury when the subject of takedowns turns out to be fair use, not actually owned by the takedown claimant, or otherwise non-infringing; I think we'd see a lot few fraudulent claims.

As a corollary to point two, all automatic and electronic submission of DMCA takedown claims need to go away as well. Supposed infringements should have to be submitted by an actual person; who will review the content and issue a sworn, notarized, and delivered by registered mail or other trackable courier, statement in writing and on the hook for perjury; that the content is, in fact, his (or his client's) and that it is, in fact, infringing.

Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 2) 194

There are three parties in the US now:
* The Left, not materially represented in Congress, but Bernie Sanders is an example of a Left politician.
* The Right, not materially represented in Congress, but Ben Carson is an example of a Right politician.
* The Donor Party, which includes the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans in government (at least at the federal level), and which gets great and responsive representation.

Our government is very attentive and responsive to the best interest of the constituents who sent them to office. The problem is those constituents are the big money donors, not the people who are voting Democrat or Republican.

It's structurally possible to fix this though primary elections, and by "primary-ing out" incumbents. But we, the voters, need to start caring more about evicting the Donor Party guys than about whether Left or Right win. The Donor Party games us every year by calling the non-Donor Party guys "extremists" for daring to represent what the people actually want. Can we stop caring about how the mainstream media describes candidates? I'm doubtful, but it's possible.

Comment Re:Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 2) 216

Sure. However some people have no real argument and realize that they have no real argument. So they will happily use an obviously bogus argument that's emotionally loaded.

Unfortunately, it works very well. Otherwise people would not bother.

It doesn't help that most people on both sides of the pond are nitwits.


Journal Journal: Trump - a warning from the present 2

I don't believe for a second Trump believes a word he's saying.

What I am concerned about is that Trump could, very realistically, be elected because of the views he's espousing. That says something terrible about too many people at the moment, and also makes possible the frightening scenario whereby someone who believes what Trump is currently saying could be elected too.

In the mean time, Trump is also validating the opinions of many extremists.

Federal grants are offered for... research into the recreation potential of interplanetary space travel for the culturally disadvantaged.