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Comment good fucking lord (Score 1) 473

You god-damned neo-cons/tea baggers scream that US gov is the source of all evil when it is obvious that others are doing this. This gets so fucking old that not a one of you have even as much brains as a squirrel. EPA is not the issue here. It is the fact that you neo-cons/tea* underfunded them and so they are not able to test everything.
BUT, you are right that this SHOULD be investigated but not by you neo-cons/tea* (or the dems). This really should be polical neutral groups, or even 3rd parties that do this. You bunch of fuck-heads continue to destroy America while blaming the very gov that you idiots created.

Comment wow, What liars (Score 1) 473

They are claiming that Software engineers choose to do this hack, when the engine engineers, along with management all the way up to the CEO, were the ones on the line with this. Really? Does anybody fucking believe that? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL WAS THIS THE CASE.

Seriously, this had to go all the way to the CEO for them to try and blame it on the ppl that had the least to gain and the most to lose.

Comment Re:Verify. Then don't Trust (Score 1) 358

look at when new safety tests are designed. The one thing that you see is that nearly all of the companies that are the 'safest', do darn near the bottom of the new test. Basically, companies like Audi, VW, MB, etc are designing to tests, or to cheat them, while disregarding real life conditions.

Comment Re:Teensy 3.1 (Score 1) 55

You just put the whole teensy on your breadboard, just like the way you would normally get an Arduino on a breadboard; you get an Arduino Nano. You can get them from China for less than $4, if you don't mind getting a knockoff.


Disclosed Netgear Flaws Under Attack (threatpost.com) 13

msm1267 writes: A vulnerability in Netgear routers, already disclosed by two sets of researchers at different security companies, has been publicly exploited. Netgear, meanwhile, has yet to release patched firmware, despite apparently having built one and confirmed with one of the research teams that it addressed the problem adequately. The vulnerability is a remotely exploitable authentication bypass that affects Netgear router firmware N300_1.1.0.31_1.0.1.img, and N300- The flaw allows an attacker, without knowing the router password, to access the administration interface.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 4, Interesting) 183

> Compared to phones pcs suck!! 100 dpi in 2015 wtf . Bulky plastic, mechanical disks, etc

PCs are faster and bigger in all respects. That includes displays, storage, CPU power, and just app/gaming potential. Phones are terribly limited. The one key advantage they have is portability. They're ubiquitous. Beyond that, they're actually pretty crappy.

Phones are just (crude) terminals really and sooner or later you need a real machine of some sort to support it.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 183

The primary differences between tablets and PCs are the fact that the PC is an open platform and PCs use different inputs. Most PCs are also vastly more powerful than their tablet counterparts but most people don't care about that.

A tablet simply isn't suitable for all tasks. At some point you want a proper graphics terminal. At that point, it doesn't cost much more these days to just include the PC parts.

Tablets provide some relief for those that thought they were trapped with Windows but the form factor is still going to be a problem in a lot of situations.

Comment Re:Why you need profits to motivate innovation (Score 1) 183


Dell doesn't do any R&D because they put together someone else's parts. So does Apple oddly enough. They use the same collection of spare parts as Dell does. Some models of Mac are so much like their PC counterparts that you use the same installation and debugging instructions if your running the same OS on both.

Apple has great marketing and has done a good job at convincing people that their version of part X is somehow magically better than Dell's.

They also fixate on these marginal form factors to the exclusion of all else.

They also have a captive market of MacOS users. If you despise the black trashcan, what are you really going to do? Flush tons of money spent on Mac software? Probably not.

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