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Comment: Re:Jane/Lonny Eachus goes Sky Dragon Slayer (Score 1) 83

by Jane Q. Public (#48231857) Attached to: Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting

Once again, Jane confuses "radiant power output" with "electrical heating power".

I haven't "confused" anything. I understand perfectly well how you think your own erroneous "solution" to the problem worked... or more accurately, didn't work.

I am very definitely not the party here who is confused.

Or maybe Jane could listen to Prof. Brian Cox. Jane/Lonny Eachus likes Prof. Brian Cox and is very bothered by the fact that Prof. Cox agrees with mainstream physics.

No, once again you've put words in my mouth that I never actually stated. Why have you kept doing that? Are you allergic to simply telling the truth?

The experiment we were discussing was Spencer's radiation experiment. Not "global warming". You keep trying to apply my arguments about Spencer's challenge to the broader issue of global warming, aka "climate change", and it's not valid to do so. I have not argued with you about that in many months, and I do not intend to argue further with you about that... because you do not argue honestly. That isn't an idle comment; I have pages and pages of proof.

If you want to ask him about what amounts to a pretty straightforward textbook radiation problem, go right ahead. But I already know the answer -- which, in fact, I got from textbooks on the subject -- so I don't have to bet. You go ahead, if you want to.

The only reason I agreed to work through the Spencer experiment with you was because I already knew you were wrong, and wanted the chance to show that to everybody, unequivocally. Well, I got that chance. And as soon as I get it written up (which as I have stated before will take a while), I fully intend to show everybody. You asked me if I really was willing to publish the results, no matter the outcome. Well, now that in fact it didn't go well for you, sour grapes isn't going to get you anywhere.

I have no other business with you, or arguments with you. If you try to argue with me I will not respond, except (possibly) to show others where you err and misquote me. And maybe not even then.

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by recoiledsnake (#48231797) Attached to: Italian Supreme Court Bans the 'Microsoft Tax'

What apple is doing is like giving away "free" beer to people who paid a lot of money to join a private beer drinking club. So its not "free" beer, its "no additional cost" beer.

That's actually a bad example, since a beer drinking club purchases beer from the market and it shows up on it's invoices, just like the OEMs.

Apple is like a beer drinking club that brews its own beer and has costs associated with doing that, from raw materials to labor costs. Not sure what the difference between those two clubs is regarding how they resell the beer to their customer.

So apple can say "well, the operating system part is complimentory with the purchase of hardware", and other PC makers cannot say this, because they don't own the software.

Apple spends money on developing OS X in-house, the OEMs outsource the development to Microsoft. They sure can say it's complimentary. A hotel that gives free breakfast can say their food is complimentary regardless of whether they hire an outside firm to make it or if they make it in their own kitchen.

Comment: Re:WTF, the antarctic gets FO before me? (Score 1) 83

by Jane Q. Public (#48231765) Attached to: Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting
No. I was responding specifically to this question of yours:

Can you point us to a peer reviewed article which details these effects?

I pointed you to a peer-reviewed article that details warming due to geothermal effects. I provided a reasonable reply to the question. If that good enough for your taste, too bad.

I asked for proof of this alleged causation, in the usual form of a scientific paper detailing the causation.

You asked the question I quoted above, verbatim. That was the question I was responding to.

You, for some reason, butted in and said: I'll help GP a bit and show you one.

I "butted in" because I am sick and fucking tired of people who can't spend 2 minutes on Google and look something up, and incessantly demand somebody else do it for them.

There is no logical explanation for this, except that you claiming the associated papers were proof of causation.

Then you have a pretty weird idea of what constitutes logic.

I didn't see anybody claiming that there were no papers pertaining to geothermal activity.

I refer you again to the question I quoted above. If I misunderstood your question, perhaps you should have stated it more clearly.

You must think we all share your self professed ignorance.

I professed no ignorance; I merely disclaimed expertise. This seems to be another attempt to put words in my mouth. Your "logic" failed you again.

I'll put YOUR words into your mouth anytime it pleases me to do so.

Then why don't you try actually doing so, rather than the distorted versions you did print? You have misunderstood my clear statements at least twice, and insinuated that I stated things in this exchange that I did not in fact state.

You can probably do better, if you simply try to stick to what other people actually wrote, instead of trying to put your own "spin" or interpretation on it.

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by jedidiah (#48231401) Attached to: Ballmer Says Amazon Isn't a "Real Business"

> The Microsoft success (1980s) came prior to the anti-trust stuff (mid 90s).
> You may need to revisit your history of microsoft.

So do you.

Microsoft's first run in with the DOJ over anti-trust was the forced bundling of DOS. Now the fact that someone doesn't do something snarky like use the term "WinDOS" doesn't mean they aren't acknowledging the DOS era shenanigans of Microsoft.

Windows is ultimately the successor to DOS and Microsoft got slapped on the wrist for how they handled bulk licensing to clone vendors like Dell and Compaq.

The mania that caused people to fixate on msoffice in the mid-90s helped cement Microsoft's position as intractable.

Comment: Re:The US tech industry (Score 1) 197

by jedidiah (#48231347) Attached to: Ballmer Says Amazon Isn't a "Real Business"

> My 2011 mac mini will last well into 2020. Do you have a point?

That's funny because all of my pre-ION era Minis are DEAD.

So is my ION style Mini. It DIED FIRST.

Now that's DEAD and not just obsolete. They become obsolete long before they gave up the ghost.

I nearly forgot. My pre-ION Minis were ORPHANED by Apple. So even if they weren't obsolete and not DEAD, there would be no current Apple OS to run on them.

Don't believe the hype.

Comment: Re:And so therefor it follows and I quote (Score 1) 240

by recoiledsnake (#48231099) Attached to: Italian Supreme Court Bans the 'Microsoft Tax'

Debian could argue that, since they make it freely available to all, but I doubt your argument would stand up in court. Apple knows exactly how much OS X developments costs, and since they're not a charity shareholders wouldn't agree if OS X dev costs exceed Mac profits. If they say it is zero, then they would have to demonstrate that they it for free from the developers which they didn't. They paid them salaries, bought office space and hardware just like the OEMs paid MS.

Comment: Re:And so therefor it follows and I quote (Score 1) 240

by recoiledsnake (#48231021) Attached to: Italian Supreme Court Bans the 'Microsoft Tax'

What bull crap. The price is what the market will bear, not how much it costs to make something. And software isn't special in this regard. Do you really think it costs ~$100 to dig out one barrel of crude oil? $15k to extract and make a diamond ring?

When was the last time you went to your boss and said "I can afford luxuries like A/C at home now, you're paying me too much, why don't you give me a pay cut and reduce the company's products' price to customers so they have more money in their pockets?"

If you find gold bricks while digging in your yard and they legally belong to you, would you sell them for $50 because thats what you would charge for digging someone else's yard for an hour?

Comment: Re:And so therefor it follows and I quote (Score 1) 240

by recoiledsnake (#48230909) Attached to: Italian Supreme Court Bans the 'Microsoft Tax'

The cost of the OS is definitely not zero. Apple only allows OS X on Macs, which means you're forced to purchase a license to OS X(and future "free" updates to it) when you buy a Mac. Mac sales revenue are directly used to fund OS X development. When reporting earnings and profits, OS X costs are included in the cost of sales revenue of a Mac just like the Intel CPU is. If OS X was really $0 and the costs not passed onto Mac buyers, it would be available to install legally on PCs and VMs like Debian is.

This is against the quote referred to in the summary:

lawyer Marco Ciurcina reports that the Italian Supreme Court has ruled the practice of forcing users to pay for a Windows license when they buy a new PC is illegal. Manufacturers in Italy are now legally obligated to refund that money if a buyer wants to put GNU/Linux or another free OS on the computer.

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