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Comment: Being watched helps with good behavior (Score 2) 643

by TheMiddleRoad (#47768991) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

I took a citizens class at the local PD. They said an officer had received many complaints against him. In response, the chief required that he have his radio broadcasting audio during every single interaction he had with the public. The complaints ceased.

This is an awesome idea. Not original at all, of course. I fully support it.

Comment: Re: Windows Linux for small business (Score 4, Interesting) 589

1. Track changes is 10 times easier in Word.
2. Auto correct works infinitely better in Word.
3. Formatting doesn't translate well. Sure, if you've got plain text, you're fine. Add some formatting, though, and you'll have page breaks in all sorts of odd places.

Then there's Excel, which is far, far easier to use than the Libre version. Sometimes it's the little things, like hitting enter and having the selected box move not just down a line but back to the left when you're entering multiple columns and rows of data. Sometimes it's the ease of sorting. Libre Office is pitiful in comparison. Oh, and Libre Office has terrible xls and xlsx compatibility. Basic files had ruined formatting.

Libre Office is ready for prime time for people who don't actually get work done with Office. I'm sure your religious dragging of people away from Office has ended with more than a couple people silently cursing your name every second they do work. But hey, what's an extra thousand clicks a day, right? Every day, for years.

Comment: Re:Windows Linux for small business (Score 1) 589

Tyranny? Try iOS or Android. They constantly track everything I do. It all gets reported back to Google. There's a lot more control with a Windows box than there is in Android. Hell, you can't even use the Android command line to control the DNS settings for 3g and 4g. I have to use an app, and it has to constantly redo the DNS settings. No, Windows isn't the tyranny.

I'm sure if I were a lover of the command line, I could be happy with Linux. However, I think the command line is a royal pain in the ass. Always have felt that way. Linux designers are all command line guys. There's no adult in the room to tell them to build the GUI so well that the command line is unnecessary.

As for gaming, that's a market issue. I cannot blame the OS for that.

Comment: Windows Linux for small business (Score -1, Flamebait) 589

First time I installed Linux was about 15 years ago. Last time I installed Linux on a machine was 5 months ago. It never lasts. Every Linux UI I have ever used is behind Windows XP and even Windows 2K. Yes, there are some with pretty graphics but from updates to software names to installation, Linux is just a pain in the ass to use. If all I did was browse the web, it would be fine. However, I need Word. Word, not Libre Office (which is about as good as AppleWorks). So what? I'm going to install WINE? I don't think I have the patience for all the hoops just to avoid shelling out a hundred bucks. Or a few hundred for the Apple tax.

Right now, I have one machine not working. It runs Nas4Free. Yay open source!

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