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Comment: Re:Disclaimer? (Score 1) 346

by fuzznutz (#47376373) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails
You crack me up too. If you had ever read one, you would realize that those disclaimers are the epitome of hostile. I only delete spam and everything else goes into the searchable record. I have archived email from the time before there was an Internet. I don't delete my email because some "asshat" asks me to on some bullshit disclaimer. If you don't want me to read an email, don't send it to me. If you are some pansy who believes that others should be able to order him around with some bullshit legalese boilerplate sendmail addendum, go right ahead and delete it and feel good about yourself. Then you can wring your hands, worrying about removing the tags on your pillows. As far as who "is like me", nobody I know pays any attention to those things.

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by fuzznutz (#47375631) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

At least every lawyer type e-mail I get has a giant disclaimer at the end if you are NOT the intended recipient. Perhaps GS should have considered using that? Over paid dopes.

Every time I see one of those worthless disclaimers, I crack up. You can't unring a bell and I am under NO obligation to delete any email that was sent to me if it was addressed to my email account. If you typed the wrong address, that's your problem, not mine.

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Nice theory, but if I had provided a device to a police department and said if you go to get a warrant, make sure you lie to the judge and don't tell them this is what you used to get your information, I wouldn't want to bet MY freedom on it. That is NOT like writing a hypothetical book. That IS suborning perjury.

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by fuzznutz (#47211597) Attached to: Toyota Investigating Hovercars

Try an experiment: go the speed limit in the center lane of the highway and see how many furious drivers pound their horns and flash their headlights.

How about you keep your butt over in the right lane if you are not passing anybody like the law says? I see that you are one of those douchebags who thinks it's his personal responsibility to make sure nobody is speeding. You seem all to eager to bitch about how bad others drive but maybe you should look a little closer in the mirror. You're kind is a reason New Jersey decided to up the cost of the fines for such douchebaggery. Lane hogs who clog the left or center lanes instead of using them to pass another vehicle will see fines increase from between $50 and $200 now, to between $100 and $300. The measure calls for $50 from each violation going toward signs reminding motorists who enter New Jersey about the state’s keep-right law.

Better yet, try driving in the left lane on a road that isnt limited access, a speed limit something around 35mph, and see how many people completely lose their minds despite the fact that what youre doing is entirely legal.

And no doubt the speed limit will actually be 45. I get stuck behind douchebags like you every morning on my commute to work. They will drive 35 MPH in the left lane in a 45 zone all the way. Invariably. Every... single... day... They will continue this UNTIL the speed limit changes to 35 and then they suddenly will speed up to 45 because there are no more traffic lights. Lucky for me that the road has traffic light coordination so I get to stop at most of the traffic lights, unless I pass them early on.

And WTF is up with idiots that slow down 10 - 20 MPH at every green light?

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by fuzznutz (#47158463) Attached to: 3D Printed Gun Maker Cody Wilson Defends Open Source Freedom

The problem is there is a conflict in peoples political agendas.

I would simplify it further. The problem is hypocrisy. Everybody wants freedom for things they enjoy and wants to restrict others' freedom for things they dislike. The irony of it is that those whose political leanings are more to the left... shall we say, claim to want freedom, egalitarianism and tolerance, yet are lightning quick to form lines to restrict anything that violates their sensibilities.

These days, everyone, left and right, wants to go crying to mommy when someone does something they don't like. Nobody wants to mind their own business and thinks they always know best.

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by fuzznutz (#47149309) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Um, you can *very easily* use even stock Windows 8 without ever using the Metro interface or a metro app.

Bullshit. Stock Windows 8 will not boot to the desktop, only 8.1 has that ability. And good luck adding a new user without touching Metro on either version. And your non-objection with safe-mode demonstrates you are not a power user or techie. When the only option to get into safe mode when you have a broken video driver is to pull the fucking plug during the boot cycle, you can safely say Windows 8 is shit, top-to-bottom.

Bragging about boot and shut down times is well and good, except the REAL boot and shut down times are masked with the Windows 8 bullshit boot. Good luck getting rid of viruses without issuing a REAL reboot from the hidden menu. Might as well just launch sleep mode and brag how fast that is.

Then we can discuss the idiocy of putting a tablet OS onto a desktop computer. But not really, because it has DESKTOP MODE too. It's a combination of the worst of both worlds.

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The problem is also that the USPO granted the patent in the first place :/

Amen. The "experts" who are supposed to know better are accepting these bullshit patents all the time. The courts have to sort it out while the victims get to pay. How about we personally make the patent examiners financially liable for the costs involved in defending one of these bullshit patents. I'd bet that they'd be looking at these patents with a much more critical eye then...

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by fuzznutz (#47105431) Attached to: Google Starts Blocking Extensions Not In the Chrome Web Store
Paranoid much? It's a browser. There are lots of browsers to choose from. If the destination of your "journey" is somewhere you don't like, pick another browser. I'll do the same.

As for me, I have spent countless hours lately cleaning up machines with search protect, conduit, ask, and all the other shitware that loads itself up when some unsuspecting user installs some free program from CNET and gets all their tag-along goodies. I recently cleaned up a brand new Windows 8 laptop that was only 1 week old which had become totally unresponsive. This is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

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